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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

A Late Valentine's Tea.

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. ~ Victor Hugo

Hello my dear friends and welcome once again to my humble little blog! I had meant to have a Valentine Tea on Monday but we had a holiday here and Hubby and I were busy putting away Christmas decorations. We kept our tree up for Valentine's Day. Then yesterday, we had an ice storm.

In winter we live a more inward life.
Our hearts are warm and cheery, like cottages under drifts. ~ Henry David Thoreau

So, today is a new day, and perhaps today would be better for a tea since I have a little more time.

My Valentines roses. I love creamy white roses!

My tea treats today.

I have brought out my etagere and arranged some tea sandwiches and sweets on it. For Valentine's Day of course I wanted to use my red transfer ware. So everything is set. Won't you join me?

I want to share with you a sweet little Mason's Vista mug a friend had gifted me with for my birthday before we have our tea. 

I do not have many pieces of Mason's as it is fairly scarce around these parts but the pieces I do have I enjoy using from time to time; especially at Christmas and Valentine's Day.

My friend had found three of these mugs and she gifted one each to me and another friend, and kept one herself. I love it!

It's not the tea that makes teatime special, it's the spirit of the tea party. ~ Emily Barnes

So, here we have some egg salad and chicken salad tea sandwiches, as well as Valentine cupcakes and chocolate raspberry truffles.

It is best to cut the crusts off your sandwiches as it makes a nicer presentation. Also, your sandwiches should be cut into smaller sizes. Tea sandwiches are meant to be dainty. 

My favourite red transfer ware teapot. 

The pretty handmade heart was a gift from a blogger friend a while ago and I always have it on the tree, but today it is for the tea table.

I asked Hubby to get some Valentine treats from the bakery and this is what he brought home.

I would prefer this lovely cake I baked for one other Valentine's day but I'm not doing much baking these days.

My teacups are Burleigh Felicity and Mason's Vista.

The little creamer has the same mark on it as the teapot. I have another teapot with the same mark and it is Valencia. So, I presume these pieces are also Valencia.

It has been an unusual week. I had hoped to set up a tea/home party, but nothing has gone according to plan. I guess we all have weeks like that. The trick is to accept it and make the most of it. Go with the flow, as they say.

Thank you for visiting me today and I hope your week is going well. Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy your day!

Whatever the shape of your teapot,
Whatever the flavour of your tea,
God can still mightily pour you out
To refresh another in need. ~ unknown

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Adorable and sweet post...Stunning teapot and gorgeous teacups!Love that little pretty heart too!Your treats look delicious!Always a pleasure stopping by,balm to the soul...

  2. How's a shame we think we have to fuss for a holiday, when we could/should fuss on any given day. Your spread looks lovely, reminds me of my grandmother's card club coffees! Danish ladies have a coffee and maybe a little bit of cordial or sherry in the afternoon. Her sandwiches were always open-faced on very thin bread and lots of butter. Grins, she often used her Strawberry Fields dishes for these days. I was designated to serve, while they all gabbed in Danish and needed more 'sherry' than coffee. LOL. HUGS! Lovely setting, thanks for jogging my memory back to the 1950s. Sandi

  3. What a lovely Valentine's tea party! No matter it is a little late. We are still in Valentine's mode here, although yesterday was my hubby's birthday and that took preference over the other. It's been a bit difficult to celebrate anything today as one of our blogging friend's hubby passed away from Covid yesterday, very unexpectedly. I don't know if you know Terri from "Your Friend from Florida", but she is such a dear and a good friend, and her hubby was so sweet. So I've been a little sad and feeling so heartbroken for her. I had the privilege of meeting them in person a couple of years ago. We do get attached to our dear friends here in blogland, and it hurts when any one is hurting or grieving. But your lovely tea time has made me smile today, and I thank you for it. God bless you for sharing it. It was a breath of fresh air!

  4. So lovely. I would love to share high tea with you. Beautiful transferware.

  5. Your tea party is so pretty and I'm glad you shared it! I became acquainted with Burleigh ware when I was in Wales a few years ago and would love to find some pieces here. I didn't bring any home with me and regret that.
    I like a bit of sweet, but my favourite part of tea time is always the savouries and those dainty sandwiches look delicious!
    Yes, we have to deal with whatever life is like at the time, and I'm so glad that God gives his strength and grace to help us.

  6. What a lovely tea party you’ve set, my friend. I would love to join you for dainty sandwiches, sweets and a cup of warm tea. Your teapot is such a beauty! ❤️ Your new mug looks so pretty with all your other pieces. Thank you for sharing your roses and your heartwarming quotes. 💕

  7. Yes, go with the flow can make for peace in the midst for sure. Love those mugs and that you can enjoy one of them! Very special. Love the look of your sandwiches! Hope the rest of your week is good!

  8. Just beautiful, Sandi! Gorgeous photos. So inviting. All I really need for afternoon tea is tea and sandwiches. I'll trade you my share of sweet treats for a couple of your sandwiches! And you made two of my favorites.

    1. Actually, Jean, I prefer the sandwiches too! Whereas, my hubby likes the sweets.

  9. PS Loved your "The trick is to accept it and make the most of it. Go with the flow, as they say." Exactly right!

  10. What a perfect tea, Sandi! Everything looks so yummy. Your roses are splendid and your china is perfect. Love those perfect gifts friends have given you over the years.

    Your hubs knows how to shop for sweets, mmmmmmm!

    Stay home, stay warm, stay well and stay hopeful. Better days are coming.


  11. I'm late to the party, but love everything from the beautiful presentation of your red and white transferwares to the delicious treats! These days, my tea times consist of a sweet treat and a cup of tea!


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