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Friday 30 January 2009

I've Been Honoured!

Lots of good things are happening in my life these days! We've had a tremendous answer to prayer in my family, for which I am so very grateful to the Lord for. My son Joel and his family are arriving home next weekend, and I'm going to finally get to hold my newest grandbaby.

And I have been honoured with another lovely award.

My friend Judith @ over across the pond in the UK, has blessed me with The Love Blog's "The Spreader of Love" Award. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I think this is just the cutest award!

So, I'm sending big hugs and a big thank you to Judith for thinking of me. I also agree with Judith; that awards are meant to be given away.

I have several friends that I hear from on a regular basis, and I want you to know that I appreciate every one of you! But there are three in particular that I would like to bless with an award this time around. I hope you will receive them in the spirit in which they are given!

Joyfulsister @

My Auntie Phyllis who doesn't have a blog of her own but is always there encouraging me on. This is for you too. I love you!

Thank you ladies for your encouraging words and thank you again to Judith. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

More Updates in Rose Chintz Cottage

Well, here I am sipping a hot cup of Cranberry Apple herbal tea. Mmmm, so nice on a cold winter's day! I love how it looks red in the teacup!

Today I will show you pictures of some updates we've made in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms.
When we bought our home thirteen years ago, it had a black floor in the kitchen, dining, and front entrance! Yes, that's right; black! I told the contractor I couldn't live with black floors so he agreed to put down a creamy white floor with an aqua diamond in it which I had picked out. {I'm sorry I don't have a sample of it any longer. I must have thrown it out when we laid our new floors.}
We were in the house about a couple of years before I painted the walls a pretty light aqua, one of my all time favourite colours, which I carried all the way into the living room. I put up wallpaper and a matching border, called Satin Romance. Don't you just love that name? They had a lovely sheen to them and they were very pretty at the time.
Since then, I have repainted all the walls. Country Cream is on the walls in the kitchen, dining, and down the hallway. Then we added a chair rail. A pinky-taupe colour called Eagle's Nest, is in the living room. Most of my married life, I have had blue in the living room. So, when we bought the new house, I felt it was time for a change. I had special ordered this new sofa in aqua and rose florals with two wing back chairs in a rose-coloured moire, a french fabric, and cushions to coordinate. {These pictures were taken at Christmastime, so the room has been rearranged since then.} Now I am anxious to change the look of the sofa, so I will settle for a slip cover. I still like the aqua; it's a very summery look, but a slipcover would give me a change.Three years ago we laid this new floor which looks like tile, in the kitchen and dining areas. I find tile very cold under foot so we opted for a look alike. I wanted to lay a wood floor in the kitchen and dining room but we had been getting water underneath the patio doors so it was recommended that we put down the other. I'm quite happy with the warm beigey-tan colour. It has really warmed things up! Of course, since we put down the new floor, we haven't gotten any more water; go figure! Next time, we will put down the wood floors, but that won't be for a while!
In the meantime, I'm very content with what I have.
We replaced the silver carpet in the living room, and laid a wood floor in there and down the hallway.I had the built-in china cabinet put in, which you've already seen earlier and then proceeded to paint white, all the oak trim on the main level. Most of the dark wooden furniture pieces; the coffee table, mantle, and stereo cabinet in the living room, I also painted white. I think white is one of the freshest, chicest colours there is to decorate with! Don't you agree?