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Saturday 30 October 2010

Spiritual Sundays

" But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold." ~ Job 23:10

Tea time is a wonderful time to regroup, rethink, and refresh. It comes at the end of the day when we are a bit frayed from the day's activities, but the activities are not yet at an end. Unfortunately, not all of us can stop for a real tea break, but without this break, the remaining tasks may threaten to take us "under."

As the shadows of the day grow longer, our tempers can grow short. Drawing on the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit, however, will get us to the end of a stressful day. We can gain renewed patience, a fresh sense of humor, and a new surge of creativity and insight by enlisting the aid of the Spirit's ministry within us. Frequently it's during those late afternoon hours when we most need His extra help.

Jewelers claim one of the surest tests for diamonds is the underwater test. "An imitation diamond is never so brilliant as a genuine stone. If your eye is not experienced to detect the difference, a simple test is to place the stone under water. The imitation diamond is practically extinguished, while a genuine diamond sparkles even under water and is distinctly visible. If a genuine stone is placed beside an imitation one under water, the contrast will be apparent to the least experienced eye."

That is how it should be with the Christian when his head is "under water" at the end of the day. The power of the Holy Spirit can so sparkle within him, refreshing and renewing him in spite of the day's harassments, that it is easy for the average person to tell there is something genuinely different about his life.

Ask the Holy Spirit to impart His power and presence to you today, in this very hour. Pray for Him to help you in the ways you need Him most- to shine like a diamond under water! ~ Excerpt from "Tea Time with God"

Please join Charlotte and Ginger -
and all their participants for an uplifting and inspirational post this weekend. The Lord bless you and may we all become diamonds for His glory!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Pink Saturday

Hi everyone and welcome to Pink Saturday! I hope you all enjoyed your week. I have had a very busy week so I don't have a lot of pink to share with you today.

I will begin my post with some pink votive holders which I don't think I shared with you before. I thought they would look festive in the middle of the wreath which I'm working on. I have had these for quite a long time and I bring them out every once in a while when I'm feeling 'in the pink!'

Last week I showed you a little Christmas tree {you can see it in the post below} and I mentioned that I was working on a wreath to match. I always keep wreaths and Christmas decorations because I often change them up from year to year. I removed all the previous decorations and started with a clean wreath. This wreath has some nice snowy tips.

Pink and gold wired ribbon, a paddle of wire, sparkly pink hydrangea blossoms, silver and white balls, and some picks make up the embellishments which will be added to the wreath. I plan to do a centerpiece as well.
And because I've had a busy week, I didn't get my wreath finished. I will just give you a little peek at what I'm doing. Bow's made and some flowers are on but that's it so far. This pink will have to do for today.

I do have a little someone however who took a trip to the pumpkin patch this past week. My youngest grandson Zachary who is two. Do his rosy pink cheeks count?

This is my grandson Brent who is celebrating his 7th birthday this weekend. We had just taken him back home after eating supper out and shopping for something special for his birthday. He is surrounded by his Tec Dek toys which were part of his present. Happy Birthday, Brent!
Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Since I love Christmas so much, you will likely be seeing a lot of Christmasy stuff between now and December 25th.

Do you love the colour pink? Then please take some time to visit our lovely hostess Beverly and her party of pinkies
Wishing you all a beautiful pink weekend!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi