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Friday 8 May 2009

Happy Birthday to My Hubby!

The month of May is a busy month for us; two Anniversaries, two birthdays, & Mother's Day!
As today is one of those special days, because it is my hubby's birthday, I would like to do a post in his honour.

My hubby is a man of tremendous strength and character. No, I'm not talking about physical strength, although he possesses that too. I'm talking about the strength that really counts..... true integrity.
Over the years, he has been a very busy man! Besides providing for me and the boys, he was statistician for the minor hockey league and a hockey coach. He was also a soccer coach, a Big Brother, led hundreds of Bible studies over the years, and taught Sunday School. In the late seventies, he began a jail ministry where he took three or four other Christian men and visited the inmates at the local jail, leading some of them to Christ. He was involved with the Gideons, worked with the Youth, and was leader of a Young Adults group.

He is a great sports enthusiast too. He has played baseball, hockey, and in later years, he ran. During his years of running, he ran many marathons and races and won several medals for his races. Today he works out at the gym; he is a great believer in staying in shape.

Hubby is a man who has worked in many fields. When we first met, he was a teenager working at a potato warehouse. From there, he went lobster fishing and then into sales. He has sold shoes, men's wear, insurance, and cars. I think he even sold mini homes and vaccum cleaners for a short time. He was District Manager of two businesses and at one point, owned his own business.
Hubby is a people person and the world of sales helped to prepare him for the field the Lord would call him to. He rubbed shoulders with people every day in the work force and he knew what made people tick! I think that helped prepare him to be a better minister of the Gospel. When he was called to the Ministry, my hubby was never what you would call a watered-down kind of preacher! When he stood in the pulpit, he preached with conviction and fire. He never stayed in the pulpit very long; that is he preferred to be down with the folks he was ministering to. He delivered his sermons with an anointing and passion. He takes his 'calling' very seriously and no one could ever accuse him of being boring.
As a pastor, he worked tirelessly for the Lord and for his flock. There is a saying that "a woman's work is never done." As a pastor's wife, I could also reiterate that a pastor's work is never done either. I remember even while on vacation, spending time in prayer for our congregation and the needs of the people. A congregation is a pastor's extended family and they were always close in thought.
Here he is just before a preaching engagement last Autumn.

These days, he is a letter carrier and walks the streets of Charlottetown, delivering mail. He enjoys the fresh air and exercise as well as meeting people. He even stops to talk to the doggies and feed them biscuits!


This is an article about him in our local newspaper. I love the heading, "Walking the Walk.

He is a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He is a good friend to all who know him and he is deeply loved and respected by everyone. He's just a real nice guy! I often tease him about being the Mayor because we can't go anywhere without him stopping to talk to someone.

Hubby is passionate about many things but the Lord and his family top the list.
He is my best friend and soul mate..... I think I'll keep him!

A couple of years before my father passed away, he said of his son-in-law, "He walks about the streets of the City, spreading joy everywhere he goes."
I think that is one of the highest compliments you could pay him.
"Happy Birthday" my Love!