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Monday 29 November 2021

Christmas is Coming...

Home is the nicest place there is. ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Hello dear friends! T'is the season for busy-ness! It is snowing! The fluffy flakes are coming down slowly like feathers floating to the ground, and it's quite beautiful!

Hubby and I have been busy putting our trees up and getting all the decorations out of storage. It's a big job, and after the holidays, I am going to have to scale down because a lot of them I no longer use. I have put up four trees this year. One in the family room, one in the living room, and two in the kitchen-dining room. 
My beloved daughter-in-law tells me it is a good thing because surrounding myself with beauty helps make me happy. She is right of course! You see, I am shut-in most of the time and Christmas just helps to make the weeks ahead a little more enjoyable.

I am however running behind. I don't have my fruit for my fruit cakes yet. This time last year, I had them both made. But I have been busier than usual this year. 

Our son was over again three weeks ago and I am so thankful that he can come so often. Since moving from the west coast to the east coast in June, he and his family have been here every month since July. Sometimes we see him twice a month. What a wondrous thing to have taken place! God is good, and He does answer prayer in His own time!!

Let's have a tea break. I am using my Friendly Village today. I love this pattern by Johnson Brothers. It will take you through the Autumn and into the Spring. 

I am using several pieces of FV including, The Ice House which are the teacups/saucers, the small tea plate is Sugar Maples, Willow By the Bridge, and The Covered Bridge.

I have made some muffins and some mincemeat tarts. Last year there was no mincemeat to be found in the stores so we have stocked up on it this year. I can do so much with this incredibly spicy fruit concoction; muffins, squares, pie, tarts, and there is even a sauce you can make to pour over ice cream. Yummy!

I have also been watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my hubby and reading some new books.

 When you have flowers, books, and tea, you are never alone. ~ Alexandra Stoddard

I ordered Laura Childs' two new books and got a couple more Joanne Fluke books. If you enjoy mysteries, tea, and baking, then you will enjoy these books! 

I am reading this one at the
moment. Isn't the jacket fun?
All but one of these books have a Christmas theme which is fun this time of year.

I hope all my American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. Next on the calendar...Christmas! 

Thank you for your visit and have a lovely week! Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends as well who begin celebrating today! God bless you all!

Give every day the chance

to become the most

beautiful day of your life. ~ Mark Twain

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi