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Monday 30 November 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

Hello everyone~ I just received news that my Auntie Phyllis had a heart attack this afternoon and is in intensive care. She lives in another province so I can't just hop in the car and go visit her. This lady is very dear to my heart and we are very close, and in fact we're more like sisters! She is the mother to my cousin Cynthia whose hubby has brain cancer so you can imagine this news is not going to make them feel any better. So, please pray for my aunt. We want to see her well again. Thank you so much for praying and God bless you!

Sharing from my heart~Sandi

Saturday 28 November 2009

Spiritual Sundays

Welcome to my Spiritual Sundays post. I get so much nourishment from reading the Bible and different books, and I really enjoy Our Daily Bread. Today I would like to share another short devotional from this little booklet with you.


Francis Asbury rode 6,000 miles a year on horseback for nearly half a century. Despite ill health, he drove himself tirelessly. He sustained himself with venison jerky - a food that wouldn't spoil during his extended travels. Asbury is remembered for introducing the Methodist "circuit-riding preacher" as an effective way to capture the American frontier for Christ. Planting new churches in remote areas was central to his approach.

At the close of Asbury's ministry, he had recruited over 700 traveling preachers. In 1771, when Asbury arrived in the colonies, there were only about 600 Methodists in America. Forty-five years later, there were 200,000!

In many ways, Asbury's strategy fpr planting churches reflects the approach of the apostle Paul. To the church he had planted in Thessalonica, Paul wrote, "From you the word of the Lord has sounded forth, not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place." { 1 Thess. 1:8}

The days of the ''circuit-riding preacher'' have come and gone. But each of us has a ''frontier'' where friends, relatives, and neighbors are our mission field. Can you think of someone today who needs to hear the good news? - Dennis fisher

Please join Charlotte and Ginger this weekend for Spiritual Sundays. They would welcome you and I know you will go away feeling inspired and refreshed in your spirit.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone and the Lord bless you!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Pink Saturday is Here Again!

Good morning everyone~ I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now cleaning up the leftover turkey. I don't know about you, but I love leftovers!

Today for my Pink Saturday I would like to share my mantle and the centerpiece on the coffee table; perhaps a couple of ornaments too. Might as well get right into the Christmas spirit, right?
My mantle and mirror are decked out with evergreens, white lights, and pinks. A sheer pink bow adorns the wreath, and pink balls and pink votive holders decorate the mantle. There are also gold pinecones and my little antiqued rocking horse.

I used the same pink ribbon and pink balls in my centerpice as on the mantle and wreath.

I love the crystal hurricane lamp which holds a pink pillar candle. I've had it for years. The balls are the same pink balls, only larger, that I used on my little Christmas tree which I showed you last week. Yes, I like to create a theme for the Holidays!
A teacup and saucer on the tree. Little pink flowers decorate the teacup.

A miniature cream jug hangs from a ribbon on the tree. Below the jug is the same pink ribbon I used in the centerpiece and wreath. It is pink and gold with glittery roses on it and I used it on the tree as a garland.

And lastly for this week's offerings, a glittery peachy-pink rose, one of several I have on the tree.

Please take some time to visit Beverly and her host of pinkies. Just click the link or the Pink Saturday button on my sidebar. Hope you all have a fabulous pink weekend.

Sharing from my heart~Sandi

Thursday 26 November 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving and A Hearty Thank You!

Hello friends~ Today is Thanksgiving in the States; a time to give thanks to God for His many blessings. A table laden with wonderful food and loved ones to share it with; it doesn't get much better than that!
I would like to wish you all a wonderful day of celebration with your loved ones.

We Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in October so we are all getting ready for Christmas right now. When I reflect upon this past year of blogging, I am overwhelmed with the number of friends I have made. You are all so sweet and a lot of you are faithful followers. I am thankful for every one of you. Each one of you is so special to me and I am enjoying this hobby of mine because of you all! Every once in a while someone comes along who goes out of their way to be especially nice and expects nothing in return. I know she will probably want to use her wooden spoon on me for mentioning this, but I'm going to anyway! I think I'm pretty safe seeing as there is a whole country between us! She lives in Texas and I'm in Canada. Isn't blogging the best fun? You get to befriend people all over the world!
She often threatens to flail you but like most, her bark is worse than her bite! Deep down she has a very big heart. I know most of you already know that I'm talking about none other than Penniwigs!

Everyday she blesses us with her wonderful free graphics and her visits. She also makes wonderful jewelery.
Not long ago, she sent me a sweet little pair of earrings or earbobs as she likes to call them. I won't mention why she sent sent them, only that she did! They arrived in their own little tin and decorated with a flower. They are called "Pale Cocoa" and they are milk chocolate and coppery luster glass pearls, tiny copper-coated borealis Czech faceted beads, with copper earwires.
Aren't they adorable? I wear them all the time; I just love them!
They are very well made and very comfortable to wear. I want to invite you to take some time to go visit this dear lady and get yourself a pair or two of her handmade-with-love, earbobs! What wonderful little gifts they would make! Just click the link

Thank you Holly, I appreciate you so much and I am very thankful to have 'met' you!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Wednesday 25 November 2009

REDnesday Is Here!

It's Wednesday and you know what that means; it's REDnesday again!

A month from today is Christmas Day and I am almost finished with my Christmas decorating. So I thought I would show you a few of my decorations around my home.

First of all, I gave out these magnetic note pads adorned with candy cane hearts to our Bible Study group last week. They were all propped up in this festive red Christmas basket.

A red cardinal from my son which I have sitting in a wreath.
This adorable little deer with his holly-topped head and red collar trimmed with little bells was a gift from my Mum many years ago.

This is one of my little snowpeople that sits in the kitchen window. He has his red mitts on.
Another snowperson wearing a red scarf, hat, and dress. The snowman has donned a red plaid scarf. Notice Mr. Crow sitting on his arm!
More snow people all dressed in red-trimmed scarves and hats. They are all having fun in their red sleigh.

More to come next week. Maybe I will try to show you my village that is now all set up in the Family room.

Please go see Sue at 'It's A Very Cherry World' for more reds. Just click on the link Have a wonderful REDnesday everyone and to all my American friends; a Happy Thanksgiving!
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Tea Things Tuesdays

A warm welcome awaits you here at Rose Chintz Cottage ~

Please come in and sit a while and I will pour you some tea from my Mum's pretty teapot.
Today is my first time participating in Kim's "Tea Things Tuesdays."

I started this pattern for my mother many years ago while I was working in a jewelery store, before I ever started my family. I chose the Lavender Rose pattern because I thought my Mum would love it. It reminded me of her; it is both dainty and attractive, just like her!

It is such a lovely pattern! I love the pink roses sprinkled all over the china, so romantic!

The other day my sister arrived with the china because my mother is no longer using it. I am happy to have it!

Most of you are aware that I love teacups, teapots, and china in general. Sometimes it is bordering on obsession, I think. But then I guess those of you who are participating in this tea party, know exactly what I mean! China makes you happy!

I have just removed my mincemeat tarts from the oven. Would you care to try one with a hot cup of tea?

I so enjoy a hot cup of tea in a pretty teacup, don't you? I enjoy all herbal teas but my favourites are Green Chai and Earl Gray. Tea is beneficial in so many ways; it is both medicinal and relaxing after a stressful day. I often find a nice cup of tea and a book are great companions!

I think china reflects much about the personality of the lady who uses it. I especially love pink and roses and I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm a girly-girl. How about you? Are you a girly-girl?

Well, that is my offering for today. Have a beautiful day friends and thank you for stopping by. I would like to wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!

Please visit our hostess Kim and all her tea party participants today by clicking on the link God bless you.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Monday 23 November 2009

Blue Monday

Hello everyone~ I am joining Sally for Blue Monday today.

I have a few of my little teacups to share which I have hung on the Christmas tree. As you will see there is a bit of blue in each one. One even has blue trim on the cup and saucer.

Originally I had planned on putting them on my little white Christmas tree but they proved to be too heavy and so I had to hang them on the big tree instead.

This one is my favourite because I like the shape of it.

This is my snowman plate. I can't remember if I bought it or if it came from a friend. I love the snowy blue sky on it! I just don't care to see the snowy blue sky in my neck of the woods for a while!
Have a wonderful day and please drop by to see Sally and her blue participants by clicking on the link
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Saturday 21 November 2009

Spiritual Sundays

Hello everyone! It's time for Spiritual Sundays again and I'm so thankful to Charlotte and Ginger for hosting. Please take some time to visit with these lovely ladies and all their SS participants. You will be glad you did!

You may click on the link or the Spiritual Sundays button on my sidebar.
If you would indulge me, I would like to share another devotional from 'Our Daily Bread' today.
How much would you be willing to pay for a piece of fruit? In Japan, someone paid more than $6,000 for one Dansuke watermelon. Grown only on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, this beautiful dark-green sphere looks like a bowling ball. The nearly 18-pound watermelon was one of only a few thousand available that year. The fruit's rarity brought an astronomical price on the market.
Christians have fruit that is far more precious than the Dansuke watermelon. It's called the fruit of the Spirit: "love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control" {Gal. 5:22-23}. Each fruit is a different aspect of Christlikeness. In the Gospels, we see how Christ exemplifies these virtues. Now He wants to produce them in our hearts - in what we we say, how we think, and how we respond to life. { John 15:1-4}.
A rare and delicious fruit may bring a premium price in the marketplace, but Christlike character is of far greater worth. As we confess all known sin and yield to God's indwelling Spirit, our lives will be transformed to the likeness of Christ. {1John 1:9; Eph. 5:18}
This spiritual fruit will fill our lives with joy, bless those around us, and last into eternity.
- Dennis Fisher
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday is here and I have my little Christmas tree to share with you today. I had gotten some little china teacups and was going to put them on the tree but alas! they were much too heavy and they dragged the branches down. So, I had to hang them on my big tree!!

So, I got me some little pink balls for the tree and it looks just fine. What do you think?
The tree sits on a little cabinet in the dining room so I have displayed some teacups and teapots underneath it. When I finish decorating the big tree, I'll show you the teacups!
I also want to share a Giveaway I won a few weeks ago. Leslie at Contented in West Lafayette was having a giveaway and I won! It is a nursing apron which Leslie herself made. She also sells them in her Etsy shop.
Now I want you to know that I have long since finished my nursing days, however I do have a sweet little daughter-in-law who hopes to bless me with another grandbaby next year. So, I will give the apron to her when the time comes.
The apron has two pockets; for pacifiers, etc. It has boning at the neck so you can see your baby nursing, and it's a lot lighter than a blanket.
Since it's pink, it made it into my Pink Saturday post. Thank you Leslie!

Now please make your way over to see Beverly and all her pinkies by clicking on the link or the Pink Saturday button on my sidebar. Hope you all have a pinkalicious day!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Friday 20 November 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Happy Friday everyone~ I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home today for "Show and Tell Friday." I love Cindy's blog and hers was the first blog I discovered. It is still one of my favourites!

For my post today I would like to share the farm I made for my father. I'm sorry to those of you who have seen this in my last post.

My Daddy always loved farms, especially red barns, so I made this ceramic farm for him. I had made the barn and silo first and gave it to him for Christmas one year. Then I made the farm house for Father's Day and finally the old mill for his birthday.

When he passed away, my mother gave it back to me and I have incorporated it into my Christmas village which I have all along the ledge in the Family room.
Whenever I set the farm out for Christmas, I always think of him. I really do miss him, especially this time of year. He always made Christmas magical in our home when I was growing up and I have such wonderful memories.

Please take some time to visit Cindy today and check out her wonderful Friday post and all her participants. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come again soon.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi