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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Today is REDnesday

Good morning everyone~ REDnesday is here again and I want to thank Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World for hosting this fun event each week.

I thought I would share the rest of my Christmas village with you today. It runs from one end of the ledge to the other in our family room. I have already showed you the farm with its red barn which I made for my father, so I won't focus on that today.

Some of the village got cut off as I couldn't get it all in the picture, but you get the idea. There is a general store, several churches, a post office, a fire station, a gazebo, skating pond, several Christmas houses, and lots of people. There are also two horses and sleighs.

This is the General Store with Santa standing outside merrily ringing his bell. This came from Avon many years ago. The choristers are singing carols by the lantern, while a mother and her son chat in front of the village Christmas tree. The lady dressed in green walking her doggy was a gift from my best friend who is now with the Lord.

...the gazebo and next door to that, a little boy hiding behind the snowman, gleefully pitches snowballs at all the folks walking by. Boys will be boys!
Below, the fire station....a little girl pulling her sleigh ...and little children skating on a pond.

Well, that's my village. Since this will be my last week participating until after the holidays, I will share some reds from around my home. There are a lot of them but I know you red lovers won't mind!
This horse drawn sleigh sits in the window of the half bath/laundry room. The lady and her gentleman are both wearing reds.

This pretty hand towel hangs on the oven door. I love the green rickrack on it with its brightly coloured Christmas ornaments.This is a box containing Victorian Christmas balls, a mixture of reds and pinks. This is what the balls look like. Sorry, it's not very clear.These chirpy cardinals sing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." Their heads move back and forth as they sing to one another; a gift from my son, Jeff. The grandchildren love to press the buttons to hear them sing. Actually, they often press my buttons because one gets rather weary hearing these birds sing over and over again! Ha, ha! Sometimes it's a relief when the batteries die!

These Christmas mugs with their pretty red poinsettias, I've had since my boys were small. I had five of them and now I have only three left. They read 'Thank you Jesus.' This little Christmas mug was a gift to my middle son from a chum in his Sunday School class when he was about five or six years old. It has been around a while! My youngest son brought me home this wonderful little Christmas box last year. It is very sweet and sparkles with all its glitter. It hangs from a red satin ribbon. He thought I would like it and he was right; I love it! My hand painted Christmas birdhouses which I painted years ago. One is supposed to be a gingerbread house. There is lots of red on both although it is hard to see.A favourite little drummer bear tree ornament which my youngest son gifted me with. And finally, a cute snowman angel which was a gift from my DIL. I love his sweet little face and red scarf! The scarf is real and he's decked out with a red country heart. Well, that's it for my reds today. My son will be home next week so this will be my last week participating in REDnesday until after the holidays.
I would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi