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Thursday 19 April 2012

All Day Long the Birds Are Singing....

Hello everyone~ I hope you're all having a delightful day! A friend gifted me with a little book of poems called Beneath His Wings

It is a sweet little book filled with lovely verse and paintings by Carolyn Shores Wright. I love this talented artist's paintings of our little feathered friends!

I thought I would share this blessing with you today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Painting by Carolyn Shores Wright

All day long the birds are singing
Sweetest songs that seem to rise
From their tiny throats far-reaching,
Even to the distant skies.

Then at night they rest securely,
Nestled close within their nest,
And the Father safely watches
Every little feathered breast.

Likewise we when night approaches,
Lay our weary heads to rest,
For we know that God will watch us
as He does the bird's wee nest.
Josephine Currier

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi