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Friday 5 December 2008

My Christmas Village

Welcome, it's nice to see you again!
Come take a walk through my Christmas village. The village used to be above my kitchen cabinets where I kept it on display all year round but after last Christmas, I decided to take it down and put it some where else for a change.
Remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you like.

It is spread out from one end of the ledge to the other in the family room. It was toasty and warm setting it up in the heat from the pellet stove.
Do you see the children playing in the snow and skating on the pond?
The carolers are singing, the shoppers are shopping and some folks are leaving their church after choir practice.

One year I made a number of ceramic pieces and among them are the barn, farm house, and mill, which I made for my father. When he passed away, my mother gave them back to me so now they are a part of village life too. I also made all the trees without snow on them.

Well, thanks for coming along.
These gingerbread boys bid you a good day and hope you have a safe & happy weekend!