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Friday 7 December 2018

The ABC's of Christmas - O

Of all the months of the year there is not a month one-half so welcome to the young, or so full of happy associations, as the last month of the year. ~ Charles Dickens

The O of the ABC's of Christmas

Hello Christmas buddies. Today I am doing the letter O.

is for...
Oranges, O Come All Ye Faithful, Open House.

When I was growing up, I arose on Christmas morning to find my stocking bulging with treats. There were barley toys, ribbon candy, chicken bones, gumdrops, a big shiny red apple, and a huge Christmas orange in the toe. Were they ever good!

Have you ever wondered why children receive an
orange in their stocking on Christmas morning?

This is one of the most relevant stories I came across about Bishop Nicholas. He had learned of a poor man with three daughters who had no dowries and hence could not marry. The next night Nicholas returned and tossed three bags of gold for the daughters' dowries through the chimney which happened to land in the stockings of the three maidens which they had hung to dry in front of the fireplace. The bags of gold turned into balls of gold which are now symbolized by oranges.

"O Come All Ye Faithful"

The text to the carol, O Come All Ye Faithful, was originally written in Latin (Adeste Fideles) and was intended to be a hymn. It is attributed to John Wade, an Englishman. The music to, O Come All Ye Faithful, was composed by fellow Englishman John Reading in the early 1700s. The tune was first published in a collection known as "Cantus Diversi" in 1751. In 1841 Rev. Frederick Oakley is reputed to have worked on the familiar translation of, O Come All Ye Faithful, which replaced the older Latin lyrics "Adeste Fideles".

I love this Christmas carol and it's always a welcome song we sing this time of year! The strains of the instrumental move me every time I hear it.

O Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!
A few years ago, my hubby and I were pleased to attend several Open Houses.
There were four homes in all and each one was lovely in its own way. The proceeds went to a very worthy cause; Muscular Dystrophy. 
We visited Carolyn of Aiken House and Gardens for an old fashioned Christmas. It was lovely and Carolyn's touches can be seen throughout her charming home and little cottage this time of year. 
One other home we visited, my husband found the owner to be a relative of his, so there was time spent visiting. It was altogether a very enjoyable outing.

Have you ever attended an Open House?

Thank you for stopping by today. Please join me again tomorrow as we do the letter P.

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi