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Wednesday 4 March 2009

Another Give-Away Item

'Morning everyone. The past couple of days, we have been iced over like a cake here on our Island in the Gulf. Many homes have lost their power but not us, thankfully! Trees are bent over from the weight of the ice, including our neighbor across the street who has lovely white birch trees lining his driveway. The branches of the trees are touching the ground from the weight of the ice. Last year we lost a big branch off one of our pine trees due to an ice storm. I hope we fare alright this year! Nature is very beautiful but it also has the power to wreak havoc in our world, as we all know. Before I get to my second item of the Give-Away, I must pass this on to all of you. I was visiting my friend Charlotte at Charlotte's Weblog last night, and she was giving away this fun little button. I love it! We all have a bad day once in a while; some of us may have an 'awful' day. But think about having an AWE-FULL day! Isn't that cool? It's all in the attitude, isn't it? Let's have an attitude of gratitude and enjoy an Awe-Full day! If you would like to have the button, you are welcome to it and please pass it on!

Now on to my next order of business, the second item in my Give-Away! Remember to check back to my March 3rd post to find out the details to enter.
Today's item is this lovely little votive candle. It is a Honeydew Melon scent and is a lovely shade of pale green.
Once again, I leave you with a scripture verse. Have an Awe-Full day everyone.
"Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." Psalms 119:105