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Thursday 22 October 2009

I Won!!

Good afternoon~ Since I began blogging a year ago, I have met so many wonderful people. You have all made blogging so enjoyable and I cannot begin to tell you all I've learned this past year; it's mind-boggling! Not only has blogging been fun and educational but it has its rewards in other ways too.

I have been blessed with many awards including the two I'm about to show you. All my awards are at the bottom of my blog for anyone interested in checking them out. Each one is very unique and I so appreciate them all! It is just lovely knowing someone out there in Blogland thought I was deserving enough to pass these on to me. Thank you! *Smile*Last week I received this sweet award from my friend Gwen at A Charming Home and I have already blogged about it. Thanks again Gwen! Then this week, I received it again from Jil at Say It With Roses Jil has a beautiful blog where she creates lovely little goodies in her Shoppe, Adrianna's Boutique. I know she would appreciate a visit from you. Thank you ladies; your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated!

This award is meant to be passed on to ten of my favourite blogs but I have stopped choosing blogs because I have too many that I love, and I don't wish to hurt anyone's feelings.

So, if you are a friend of mine {you know who you are} and you would like to have this award, please take it with my blessing.

I stopped by another blogger friend's last night and she was giving away this cute award with her doggie Molly on it. Storyteller has just celebrated her second year of blogging and she was passing this out to all her friends. She has a great gift for making mosaics and is very talented with her camera! She has several other blogs as well. Why not stop by and pay her a visit? Thank you Storyteller and Molly!

I have also won several Giveaways such as the one I just received in the mail this week. This one came from Sally at Smiling Sally the hostess of Blue Monday. Sally and I have been friends for almost a year now and I really appreciate her friendship and quick wit. Please check out her blog if you haven't already done so. Who knows, perhaps you too will win a great read! Thanks everyone for making blogging a great pasttime!
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi