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Thursday 6 May 2010

Today Is Our Anniversary!

Today Hubby and I celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. I thought I would share an updated version of our Love Story. I had shared this last year and it is a little long but I hope you won't mind.

This Is Our Love Story...

Do you enjoy a good Love Story? Well, if you do, then grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a little stroll down Memory Lane with me.
I had shared this last year but I decided to update it and share it again for those of you who had not read it before. I know it's a little long but most love stories are and I promise you, this one has a happy ending!

This is our Love Story.......
Once upon a time, a young girl went with her friends to an afternoon record hop! This was no ordinary record hop, for she was about to meet her soul mate....

......It was January 1968 and he had asked me to dance, and I accepted. For three weeks in a row, he asked me to dance.
Then, one Saturday after the record hop, he followed me into the restaurant where my friends and I always went to grab a snack before heading home. That was the day my life changed!

Love is when you look into some one's eyes and see everything you need~

I was sitting with my friends in a booth and he sat in another booth across the room. He had gotten up and put some money into the jukebox and played three of my favourite songs. He wouldn't have known they were my favourite songs, they just happened to be his favourites too. One of the songs was "Words" by the Bee Gees which became our song and is to this day, 'our song.' After some encouragement from my friends, I went over and joined him in his booth.
We were both pretty shy but he was glad I had joined him; I could tell!

The following week, after the record hop, he asked me if he could walk me home and I said 'yes.' He walked me all the way home, which was a three mile walk. We talked about almost everything under the sun. We were about half way to my house when he finally took me by the hand..... It was magic!

Love is something you can't describe like the look of a rose, the smell of the rain, or the feeling of forever~

We were just two innocent young people with stars in our eyes, and we were seventeen.
We had known each other about a month when he asked me out on our first date. We met at Eaton's department store and then went to Zellers to have our pictures taken. You know the little cubicle that you sat in and you got a strip of photos for a quarter? These are the photos from our first date.
I wore the turquoise velvet tent dress I had made in Home Ec. Do you remember those tent dresses?

Love is a moment that lasts forever~

That night he kissed me for the first time and yes, we saw stars, and there were fireworks in the heavens overhead!
We were young and naive about so many things, but one thing we were very sure about, was the way we felt about each other! We knew almost from the beginning that we were meant to be together forever.

In the beginning, our parents did not take our relationship too seriously. As time went by however, that began to change.

I was brought up in one denomination and he had been brought up in another.
My father and his mother did not object to our relationship so much, in fact they teased us about it. My mother and his father on the other hand, had their own thoughts about our romance.

We became engaged in July of 1970 while I was still in Nursing School, and we began making plans for our future. I couldn't wait to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown and marry the love of my life! We were so happy at the prospect of becoming Mister and Missus!

Unfortunately, just months before our wedding day, my mother and I had a very serious disagreement over my choice of a husband and it was at that point that I decided I would have to do things differently.

We married in May of 1972. I did not have the fairytale white wedding that most girls have. Hubby was working at a men's wear store at the time so he was given a beautiful new suit as a wedding present, and I had a friend make my wedding outfit for me.
Dress-pantsuits were very much in vogue then, so I chose a beautiful velvet in my favourite colour at the time, which was hot pink. Today, fashion experts call it fuchsia.

For those of you who would be interested, the little dress was empire-waisted with a sweetheart neckline and beautifully ruched sleeves. The matching pants were bell-bottoms. My friend made me a matching headpiece complete with a veil, and the outfit was very practical. I was able to wear it for several years afterwards, minus the headpiece of course.

Hubby had gotten me my bouquet; three creamy white roses tied with a white satin ribbon. We were married in the chapel at the church where I was raised, with only a couple of friends in attendance. Sadly, our families were not there.

In time, our families accepted our marriage and today my mother loves her son-in-law like a son. I knew it was only a matter of time; you couldn't help but love him! My father-in-law never objected to me personally; he just didn't like the fact that I didn't attend the same church that the family did. It wasn't long and I was totally accepted by his whole family.

I couldn't wait to be a mother, and we were blessed with three handsome sons; Jeff was born in 1974, Joel in '77, and Jordan in '81. We loved being parents! Our family was complete and God blessed us....

My boys~ Jeff, Joel, and Jordan

Years before, at the age of fifteen, I had become a Christian, but I had fallen away for a time. In 1975, just after the birth of our first child, we both made a decision to put Christ first in our lives and in our home. It was a decision that would forever change our lives and the direction in which we were going.

Several years into our marriage, we were called to the Ministry and we enjoyed those years we worked and served together side by side. We still have a heart for God's people and we still minister every chance we get.

Life wasn't always easy though. The years to come were challenging in many ways, as they are for most families. There were bills to pay, and later there was unexpected sickness to contend with. But we were happy and we were together; that was the main thing.

Today, it is just the two of us again, and we are still Sweethearts!

Our boys are all grown up now and are leading their own lives. We have been blessed with four darling little grandsons with another grandbaby on the way. We are very proud of our children and our grandchildren. They all bring so much joy into our lives!

Jeff and his wife Joanna.

Jeff and his boys, Cameron, Brent, & Jared.

Cameron, Brent, and Jared in their Super outfits

Joel and Carina

Joel and his son Zachary at the 2010 Olympics

My youngest grandson Zachary

My youngest son Jordan

Jordan and me

The Lord has been very good to Hubby and me, and we are so thankful to Him for the life we have been given!

Today, we celebrate our 38th Anniversary and if I could, I would marry him all over again!

True love doesn't have a happy ending. True love doesn't have an ending!

"Happy Anniversary" my Love....I will love you forever!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi