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Saturday 5 December 2009

A Christmas Memory For Pink Saturday

Hello everyone~ Welcome to Rose Chintz Cottage and my Pink Saturday offering for this first week in December. Our lovely hostess Beverly is celebrating each week until Christmas with a different theme. This week she wanted us to share a favourite Christmas story, so here's mine. Some of you may have heard this before but most of you haven't, so here goes..........


One Christmas when my brother and I were very young; probably four and six years old, we awoke one Christmas morning to find something we never expected; a sweet dog house sitting beside the Christmas tree! Daddy had built the dog house and I cannot begin to tell you how excited my brother and I were!
Inside the dog house was a darling little puppy. He was just a ball of warm fluff!

He was a pure-bread white and blond Cocker Spaniel and he had the sweetest face you ever did see! He had wavy blond ears and blond freckles on his nose. We thought 'Jingles' would be the perfect name for him since we got him for Christmas.
We were two very excited little kids and we squealed with so much delight that we actually scared the puppy and he wouldn't come out of the dog house. Daddy reached in and tenderly pulled the puppy out so we could pat him. He really was the most adorable thing!
I had gotten a beautiful dollie that year, along with a little stove, a kettle that whistled, and a little tea set, among other delightful things. But that year it was the puppy named Jingles that stole our hearts! It was my most memorable Christmas!Now on to my pinks....

First pink today is an apple with what looks like sparkling drops of water all over it. It simply glistens when the light hits it.
....and a sparkling pear too.Then there is my little teacup which I glued together to hang on the tree. Next week, I'll show you all my little teacups.A lace-covered ball trimmed with a pink rose. A lovely pink heart which is mirrored inside and reflects all the light, is also trimmed with a pink rose.
My little Christmas tree decked out with pink beads and rhinestones, sitting in a Rose Chintz teacup.

Lastly, my Christmas tree which stands in the living room. It is decorated in mostly pink, aqua, and white. I have some dolls and teddies around it while it awaits the presents. The angel topper which I've had for twenty years finally burnt out so until I find the right one to replace her with, I have topped the tree this year with a star.
Thank you for stopping by today. Please visit Beverly and all her pink participants. Click on the link
or the Pink Saturday button on my sidebar and have a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend.
Blessings to you all and remember that 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season!'
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi