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Friday 25 February 2011

Pink Saturday

Hi there bloggerettes! It's Pink Saturday once again and once again Beverly has brought together all the pinkettes from all around the world.

I didn't know what I would be sharing today because I'm kind of running out of pink! Then I decided to just go around the house shooting pictures of pink here and there. So here goes.....

This is a key holder of a little pink cottage in the back entrance. A gift from my son....

A pretty pink iridescent swan adorned with flowers and ribbon; a gift from my Mom that she brought back from a trip to Florida. I have kept soap, plants, and miniature spoons in it. Right now, the spoons are in it.

On the refrigerator is this magnet; a teacup of course with pink carnations on it....

On the kitchen table is a napkin holder with, what else, pink polka dot napkins in it!

Then finally a trip to the bedroom where we find a plaque on the wall with a pink rose on it. It is one in a set of three.

If you read my post earlier today, you know that this little pinkie is in the hospital. Please pray for her that she gets better soon and can go home to be with her family. Jenna-Lynn is my only granddaughter and she is eleven weeks old. She has been hospitalized with RSV, a serious respiratory infection, and she is quite ill!

Now please venture over to How Sweet the Sound and check out Beverly's pink friends to see more pink.
Wishing you all a wonderful pink weekend!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi

Prayer Request

Good morning everyone~ We received word in the early hours of the morning that my 11 week old  granddaughter, Jenna-Lynn, is in the hospital with a severe case of RSV.

RSV is a respiratory syncytial virus which causes respiratory infections such as bronchiolitis and pneumonia. She is quite sick and has been all week.

I haven't even met this little angel yet as she lives out on the west coast whereas I live on the east coast.

Please pray that she gets well soon. I will keep you all up to date. Thank you for your prayers and the Lord bless you!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi