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Friday 30 March 2012

Ring-aling-a-ling, Calling all Pinkies!

Ring-aling-a-ling, ring-aling-a-ling! Calling all Pinkies!

Would you like a cup of tea while you're visiting? This is the Rose Bud teacup I shared this past week at my tea party. It's covered in pink posies and is a delight to sip tea from!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the Princess phone; especially pink and white ones! We had a white one in our home for a while when I was growing up and I've always wanted to have one of my very own. But they were very hard to come by, until now!

This phone has been calling me since Christmas and I finally answered the call and brought her home! 

Isn't she purty? She is a touch phone but she's made to look like a dial phone. I just love it!

She's sittin' pretty next to a watering can holding pink spray roses. And yes, the roses are real!

If you want to see lots more pinkness, then please stop by Beverly's and you can get your pink fix all weekend!

Do you play April Fool jokes on anyone? I do and I have succeeded in getting my hubby every year since we've been married! He hasn't gotten me yet! 
The jokes have ranged from pretending to see coyotes in the front yard, {he is VERY nosy  inquisitive and he had to go look out the window}, to putting scotch tape on the bottom of the mouse so he would think there was something wrong with the computer! Yes, I know, I'm bad! *giggles* I try not to take myself too seriously!

Thanks for visiting me today and have a delightful and fun weekend.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi