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Tuesday 15 September 2020

A Pick Me Upper

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. ~ unknown 

Hello dear friends! After having gone through so much sadness since March, it was wonderful to be able to go shopping for some new furniture! Getting something new certainly helps lift the spirits, don't you agree? We could all use a pick-me-upper once in a while.

We were in the market for a new dining room set. Here you can see the wood of the old table underneath the tablecloth.

The matching chair.

We have had our dining table and chairs for twenty-nine years, and for about the last twelve years, I have been longing to replace them with a new white set. The table and chairs are made of maple and the red gingham chair pads are from Waverly. They were nice at the time, but I needed a change. I had planned to paint the table and chairs myself but then I damaged my back from a fall seven years ago and had to give up that notion. Time slipped away but I kept longing for a white set.

Dining rooms are really all about the table and chairs. ~ Candice Olson

Then last December, we took the table and the leaves to a paint shop to have them painted an antique white. We had the table painted instead of replacing it because it has two leaves and when our whole family is home, it seats pretty much all of us. We knew buying a new table this size would be pricey and we like to be as practical as much as possible. The table is still in great condition, all it needed was some paint.

Paint goes a long way in making old look new. ~ Candice Olson

I had planned to get four new chairs to go with it, but then the corona virus broke out which put the kibosh on those plans. 
While Hubby was on vacation, we found these four chairs which I felt would go well with the table, so we ordered them. The lady who sold us the chairs knew my hubby so she gave us a discount which was nice of her! They are from Ashley furniture and have gently curved backs which are very comfy on my back. I had to choose my chairs carefully because of my back injury and these feel much better than the old chairs. 

We are so happy with how this set brightens up our kitchen-dining area now! It is a sunny spot in our oftentimes dark kitchen.
We will keep the old chairs for family gatherings and we will have enough seats for pretty much everyone.

The new chairs are not a perfect match to the table but I rather like the look because I think it gives the set more character. The seats are padded with a tweed type material which goes wonderfully well with the colours in the floor.

When my children are home, they all hope that their favourite meal is on the menu. One guy loves my spaghetti and seafood chowder while another loves my lasagna. One thing they all agree on is my potato salad. Of course they all have their favourite desserts as well. 

I just smile and I'm happy to oblige them. This leads me to believe that some of their fondest memories were made around the dinner table. 
Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty. ~ James Norwood Pratt

Now here is my new table set for tea. Would you like to have tea with me? It's not tea and crumpets, but it is tea and peach danish.
Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day.

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi