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Tuesday 7 July 2009

A Big Thank You!

Good afternoon! Please come on in and have a cup of tea with me!I would like to thank all of you who prayed for my son Jordan yesterday! He caught all of his flights and he emailed me this morning, saying he had arrived safe and sound in Portugal. He will rest up today and tomorrow he will attend the Math Conference taking place there.
He will be there until the 15th, after which he will return to Canada and the University of Toronto where he is studying for his PhD in Math. So thank you again for all your prayers on his behalf! God bless each one of you!

I thought I would share a few of my flowers today.
These are just some of the lilies that bank the side of the house. Hubby loves the orange; I would prefer pink, myself! *smile*
A little bed at the top of our driveway. You can't tell from the picture, but the bed is actually in the shape of a heart! A Weeping Cargana is the center of it.

This is a cozy little corner by the clothesline pole; Hostas and pansies.
One of my many Begonias.
Pink begonia.

Pink-coral begonias.
One of several Bleeding Heart bushes.
One of several rose bushes. And yes, I love cutting them and bringing them inside to enjoy!This is my hubby watering the new bed we put in this year. We have gotten so much rain lately that they won't need watering again for a few days!

These are the Buttercups that the Lord planted. I think they're very pretty and friendly little flowers! I couldn't help but take a picture of them too!
Well, thanks for your visit! Please come again soon and have a lovely day everyone!