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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Urgent Prayer Requests

Good morning dear friends~

I have a prayer request for my son, Jeff.
Tomorrow morning, Thursday, he is having ear surgery. 

Some of you may recall that he had surgery two years ago. Well, the growth has grown back and he needs surgery to remove it again.

I will share a little history...
He suffered hearing loss after a very bad ear infection about fifteen years ago and he has had numerous ear infections in that ear ever since. He also had tubes put in that ear but nothing has helped. Now, there is a growth in there and if left, will grow into his brain so it has to be removed. This surgery is hopefully going to repair the damage to his hearing as well. However, it is a risky operation...

Perhaps the surgery will not work and he will still be almost deaf in that ear. There is the risk of paralysis to his face as well as damage to his taste buds. 

Hearing is a very important gift and Jeff is very musical which  means he really needs his hearing to play his instruments. He plays drums and the bass guitar on the worship team at church.

So, I'm asking you to please pray that God will use the hands of the surgeon to repair the hearing damage as well as remove the growth with no damage to his face or taste buds. I believe that God can do that and I am praying this would be His will for my son.

Thank you so much for praying on his behalf.

Allan Garland

Also, on Friday morning, my Uncle Allan, who has been having treatments for lung cancer the past year, is having surgery.

They are hoping to remove his lung but first the surgeon will do a biopsy on the chest wall. Should he find it free of cancer, then he will go ahead and remove the lung. If they find cancer, then they will not go ahead with the surgery.

My uncle is very dear to me and because he is only eight years older than me, he is more like my big brother. 

It would mean so much to me and to my loved ones if you, my dear bloggy friends, would lift these two up in prayer. 

Thank you so much.

Those of you who are looking for this week's tea party will find it below this post.

Have a lovely day everyone and God bless you!

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi