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Monday 17 August 2009

Blue Monday

Welcome to Blue Monday with Sally and all those who love the colour of blue.
I am just getting back into a normal routine again after being on holidays for a month and this is my first Blue Monday post in a couple of weeks.

Oftentimes, on a pleasant evening, Hubby and I will go down to the waterfront at Victoria Park, sit in our car, drink coffee, and watch the sail boats in the harbour. There is a boardwalk too and there are people of every size and shape out walking on that boardwalk with their dogs of every size and shape.
It keeps us fairly entertained!
In the foreground is the boardwalk. It was difficult getting a picture without a human or a pooch in it! All of my photos I took out the car window!On the other side of the drive, is the park full of trees and benches. Wildlife such as squirrels and chipmunks make their home there and you can hear them chattering in the trees. And just before dusk, all the crows from most of Queen's county congregate in those trees overnight. They make quite a racket when they arrive!
Between the drive and the area used for bikes, skateboarders, and runners, is a long line of street lamps with a garden built around each one. By the end of the summer, the vines will have grown to the top of the poles.
There are blue sails and sails of every other colour out there on the water. They are so beautiful to watch. Most evenings, there is a gentleman who sets up these rocks like sentinels all along the boardwalk. It is quite an artform but I forget what it is called.
There are barrels of flowers decorating the backs of benches that are every few yards along the boardwalk to sit yourself down on.
And there are always the boats; very relaxing to watch, as you sip on your coffee and count your blessings.
Please visit our wonderful hostess Sally and all the other blue participants at or click the Blue Monday button on my sidebar. Have a wonderful day everyone!