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Tuesday 3 February 2009

For All My Bloggin' Buddies!

Don't you just love Blog Land? I just visited Charlotte's Weblog at where she has received another award or two and she is giving this award away to bless all her bloggin' friends. I think this is so cute and might help brighten up someone's day. I know it brightened up mine! Thanks Charlotte! So, go ahead, all my bloggin' buddies, you're welcome to take this to brighten up your day and pass it on to brighten up someone else's. Big Hugs.....God Bless!

A Little Bird Told Me.....

Good morning~ Don't you just love little birdies? Here on the Island we don't see very many little birds this time of year. All the song birds have flown South for the winter. We do enjoy lots of Chickadees though. I have a few birdies around my home that stay here all year round. Just thought I would share a few with you!
The little ones above look almost real, don't they?
We are bracing ourselves for another snow storm later today. I'm really looking forward to Spring right about now!
I have been getting ready for my company on the weekend and I'm baking some things up before they arrive. Today I think I'll go bake some muffins, so I'll bid you a lovely day everyone!