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Saturday 9 April 2016

Springtime Thoughts and Tea

Hello my dear friends. I hope you all had a nice first week of April. 

Spring would not be spring without bird songs. ~ Francis M. Chapman

I love springtime! It's a time when the earth awakens from her Winter's slumber and Mother Nature cradles in her womb the first tender shoots of bright blooms in the garden. 

The Haunted Wood at Green Gables

The trees break forth into fresh buds, and brooks, clear as crystal, begin to run merrily along their way. They sound like they are singing; they are so happy to be freed from their captivity of ice and snow.

Soft warm breezes stir the air and the lilt of songbirds outside my window harken to me early in the morning. I welcome the melody of my little feathered friends; I have dreamt of birdsong all winter.

The earth has come to life again and I too, seem to come alive and I relish each new wonder of the day.

In the evening, just as the sun goes down, the tiny spring peepers will soon begin their chorus behind my home.

I find myself once again, as delighted as a child when all of these wonders take place. It's good to be alive and I give thanks to God who has created this new and beautiful season for our enjoyment. {This is a piece I wrote a few years ago and thought I would share it with you today.}

I was so pleased to discover that the May/June issue of Victoria magazine has a feature on Green Gables and Charlottetown, our fair city. If you look on page 28, the light house is the same lighthouse I photographed at sunset last Summer.  

The home nearby belongs to a family member of my father's former employer whom he worked for ever since we moved to PEI. 

Now, shall we have some tea? Today I am enjoying tea time in pink. I think springtime and pink just go together, don't you?

Some of my favourite pink teacups will join us today. Royal Albert is so timeless and each lovely cup and saucer is a little work of art. I am so happy that God put within men and women the ability to create something so beautiful. England of course is well known for turning out magnificent china and has been for centuries. 


Lady Carlyle

I have been hankering for sponge cake but just made a plain white cake sandwiched with my strawberry preserves and whipped cream. 

My hubby isn't big on cake but he does enjoy this one.

Rainbow roses bring some colour to the table. It was a dreary day when I took the pictures and then the sun came out when I was finished. Tomorrow, surprise, surprise, we are getting another snow storm! This has to be winter's last hurrah!

Would you like to join me for some tea and cake? 

A warm cup of tea helps make everything better.

Tea is a hug in a cup. ~ Patrick Jane of The Mentalist

The cute birdie topped teapot is made by Gracie China.

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life that are the real ones after all. ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Spending time with friends over a cup of tea makes a day special!

Thank you for your visit today and enjoy your weekend. I hope you will join me for No Place Like Home on Monday morning. See you then.

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