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Tuesday 27 January 2009

Our Little Cottage

I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in seeing our little Rose Chintz Cottage. I will start by sharing some of the changes we have made on the inside before showing you the outside.
Thirteen years ago, when I was still quite ill with the MG, we downsized because the house we had been living in previously was too much house for me to handle in my condition. So we bought this brand new builder's bungalow with a back split in the basement.
It is a very plain little house with no fancy trim work, gingerbread, or bay windows, which I love, by the way. But we have made some changes on the inside which I think have really made a difference.
After the walls were all painted, I proceeded to paint white, all the golden oak wood trim, on the main level. It took me a very long time but it was well worth the effort when I was finished. Someday I plan to paint the oak kitchen cabinets a creamy white or perhaps an antique white, and add an island.
After all the painting was done, the first big change we made was, we ripped out the hall closet which was between the living room and dining room. In its place we had a very good friend build a wonderful little china cabinet which I designed myself. I added a white metal plaque to the top of it and some crystal knobs to the doors and drawer.

The opening in the center of the cabinet is for displaying my Nativity at Christmastime, but in the meantime, I display my Rose Chintz coffee set.

In the cabinet, I have all my beautiful Rose Chintz and red toile dishes.

The Rose Chintz has quite a history. Whenever we visited my Auntie P who lives in New Brunswick, which is where I am from, we always enjoyed having our meals on her wonderful Rose Chintz dishes. She was given the dishes for a wedding present and had added to the pattern over the years until they were no longer available.

I have loved the pattern ever since I was a little girl because the pattern conjures up all kinds of wonderful memories of my childhood in New Brunswick. The pattern makes me happy when I look at it, and when I got married I tried to get the same dishes but they had stopped making them by that time. I was so very disappointed!

Then, lo and behold, one day a few years ago, I was surfing the 'Net and came across the dishes on a French Country table scape. To my sheer delight, when I looked further, they were selling them on EBay. So, my son would bid on them for me and I acquired several pieces.

The candlesticks were a gift from my son who thought he was getting the same pattern but it wasn't. But it just so happens the pattern goes perfectly with the Rose Chintz.
Since then, my Auntie P sold her home and downsized into a condo, and she gave me quite a few of her dishes. Among them are little demi-tasses, double egg cups, and a gravy boat with the underplate. I feel very blessed to have acquired so many in so short a time!
The Lord delights in blessing us with the desires of our hearts. And even though it is a very small thing in His eyes, He knew it would bring me great pleasure to have them, so He has made a way for me to get them.
So, now you know where they came from. Every once in a while, I acquire a new piece which is like a small treasure to me.
The Rose Chintz is the inspiration behind all my decorating. It is a wonderful pattern for English Cottage or French Country decor, which are my favourites.

I will share more of Rose Chintz Cottage later in the week. Enjoy your day everyone!