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Friday 2 September 2016

The Lighthouse

"Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world." ~ Hans Margolius

Hello dear friends. Here it is September already. Where does the time go? It's like I blinked and summer is gone.

On our beautiful Island we have many lighthouses. A number of folks are fascinated by lighthouses and I happen to be one of them. Perhaps you don't live near water and have never seen one. My son hasn't seen them in the last two States he has lived in. 

lighthouse is a tower topped with a very bright light called a beacon. The beacon is used by sailors to help guide their ship at sea. Lighthouses come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually located on the coast, on islands, or in the middle of busy harbours.

These are a few Hubby and I have visited over the last number of years -

We visited this one last year. The West Point lighthouse was constructed in 1875. At one time this light house was called home for some and today it is an historic site. It is the only functioning light house with an inn located in Canada. It also houses a museum. I think it's a handsome lighthouse.

The East Point lighthouse was constructed in 1866-67 and is located in Elmira, PEI.

This is the Brighton Front Range lighthouse which one can find at the end of the boardwalk in Victoria Park in Charlottetown.

The Covehead Harbour lighthouse was built in 1967.

The last lighthouse I am going to show you is located out in Victoria-by-the-Sea where we will be having dinner with friends one night next week.

The Victoria Range lighthouse was built in 1879. It was once one of the busiest seaports on PEI.

The lighthouse is a beacon, a welcome sight for those out at sea. It is also a reminder to me of our Lord who guides us each day. He makes our paths straight and helps us to see in which direction we should go.

THE LIGHTHOUSE - written by Ronnie Hinson - 1970

I thank God for the lighthouse 
I owe my life to Him 
Jesus is the Lighthouse 
And from the rocks of sin 
He has shown a light around me 
That I might clearly see 
If it wasn't for the lighthouse 
Tell me where would this ship be?

It's tea time and I am savouring a cup of tea. My cup is RA Lady Carlyle and the Thomas Kincade lighthouse was a gift to my hubby from one of our parishioners at our last church. 

The beautiful flowers are going to my mother for her birthday.

Thank you for visiting today and have a lovely and safe long holiday weekend everyone.

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