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Thursday 16 April 2009

I've Been Tagged Twice!

Hello everyone. In the past week, I have been tagged twice by my bloggy friends.

The first challenge came from my friend Jean at The Daisy Chain~

I am to open my photo folders to the sixth folder of pictures. Then I am to choose the sixth picture from the folder and post it on my blog with a description of the photo.

This picture was taken in October of last year of two of my little grandsons. The little guy with the cap on backwards is Jared and he is three years old. He is wearing his Montreal Canadians hockey jersey which had been a Christmas present from Hubby and me. Why Montreal Canadians, you ask? Because their father is a Canadians fan! If Hubby had had his way, it would have been a Detroit Red Wings jersey, which is Hubby's favourite team!

Jared's brother Brent is sitting next to him, and he is five years old. That day they had come for a visit with their Daddy, my son Jeff. The boys were watching cartoons in the den which used to be my son Jordan's room. They were watching cartoons and having a snack which is why Jared has a dirty face. *smile* Brent is holding two of my weights {which I can't use at the present time} with his friend Roby, the yellow robot, sitting beside him on the couch. Roby is a robot which was a Christmas gift to my son Jordan from his brother Joel, once upon a time.
The boys love to play with the robot and they take turns playing with him. Roby has been known to be the cause of a squabble every now and then too. This robot eats your money and the little guys love to play with him! You can't tell from the picture but these two little guys have the longest eyelashes! I think they're both gorgeous little men and they make my world a happier place!

Now, I'm supposed to tag six of my bloggy friends. I usually don't break the rules, but I hope you will forgive me Jean if I don't tag anyone. However, if any of my friends would like to participate then I would love to know about it.

The second challenge came from my friend Melly at His Pink Princess~ over in Aussie Land.

I am to name the following:

8 things I am looking forward to-

1. Seeing my Lord face to face, someday.

2. The fruit of the Spirit more evident in my life.

3. Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary with my hubby next month.

4. Real signs of Spring~ green grass, lacey trees, flowers blooming, waking up to the sounds of the birds singing, watching my gold finches at the feeders, spring-peepers singing behind our house in the evenings, and warmer weather.

5. Summer vacation so we can spend our time at the beach.

6. Getting all my paint projects finished; that includes my mosaic topped table.

7. Getting my new garden put in.

8. Having my whole family home for Christmas.

8 things I did yesterday-

1. After being sick with the flu for several days, I had washes to do and get the house cleaned up for Bible study.

2. I had to come up with an Ice Breaker for the Bible study which took a little time.

3. Had coffee with my hubby when he got home from work.

4. Prepared a quick supper for Hubby & me.

5. Had Bible Study.

6. Got refreshments ready for after Bible study. {Nachos, cheese dip, coffee, and pop.}

7. Biked on my stationary bike and watched a show on TV.

8. Did devotions and read until I went to sleep.

8 things I wish I could do-

1. Swim

2. Travel to Europe

3. Travel through the States.

4. Go see Laura Ingalls Wilder home

5. Spend the Winter in a warmer climate.

6. Spend the months of April and May with my son Joel and his family. {They live in Vancouver, BC}

7. See my son Jordan whenever I wanted to. {He goes to university in Toronto}

8. Write a book.

8 shows I am currently watching-

1. Joyce Meyer

2. Divine Design

3. Take This House and Sell It.

4. 24

5. Criminal Minds

6. CSI Miami

7. The Mentalist

8. any good movie

Now, I'm supposed to tag 8 blogging friends. I know most of you lead busy lives so I'm not going to tag any one. However, if you would like to play, I would love to know about it.

Have a wonderful day everyone!