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Friday 21 September 2012

Pink Saturday

Hello bloggerettes~ Can you believe the weekend is here already? Before we know it, the Christmas trees will be going up!

It has been a very noisy couple of weeks on my street. They are filling in the ditches so there has been much rumbling, thumping, back-up beeping, and red clay floating in the air outside my front door.

What normally is a very quiet neighborhood has been turned into a construction zone! Early in the morning it starts and goes until supper time, oftentimes until dark. Talk about noisy and messy!

Whew! I am so happy we are getting our very deep ditches filled in but I will be glad when they're done! Even my music doesn't drown out the racket.

In spite of all the ruckus going on, one last brave little rose opened up on one of my bushes. I had to rescue it from the noise and chaos going on out there.

I think it's quite content to have been brought inside where it can be enjoyed, sitting in a little lead crystal vase on the window sill. There are some raindrops still clinging to its petals.

And here it lends itself to a little vignette; a cottagey candle lamp and my vintage teacups. These teacups were found in thrift shops and cost seven dollars each. Being Royal Albert and in perfect condition, I am thrilled to have them!

A little candle light makes everything more beautiful as does a pink rose!

Hope your weekend is beautiful and filled with pink! Happy Autumn! I am joining Beverly for Pink Saturday.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi