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Monday 26 January 2009

My New SnowBaby

'Morning everyone. It's a cold one here on the Island today. It was minus 23 celcius with a wind chill of minus 33, when I got up this morning. Hubby has to work out in that today; poor guy!

Speaking of Hubby, he gave me a new SnowBaby for Christmas. Except for two, I have one representing each member of the family now.
This one represents me and my new grandson, Zachary. Zachary will be five months old on the first of February.

Zachary is coming to visit with his parents in less than two weeks; I am so excited! Because he lives way out in Vancouver, I'm only getting to meet him now.

This little guy doesn't know what he's in for.....Never ending kisses & squeezes from his grandmother!! I almost feel sorry for him! *smile*

Have a lovely day and stay warm!