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Monday 9 October 2017

A Sentimental Thanksgiving Tea

Happy Thanksgiving Canada and welcome everyone to Rose Chintz Cottage!

"One of the shining moments of my day is that when, having returned a little weary from an afternoon walk, I exchange boots for slippers, out-of-doors coat for easy, familiar, shabby jacket, and, in my deep, soft-elbowed chair, await the tea tray. How delicious is the soft penetrating odour which floats into my study, with the appearance of the teapot! What a glow does it bring after a walk in the chilly rain!" ~ George Gissing -1903

I can relate to this quote. How about you? A walk on a chilly day is somehow rewarded with a treat in the way of comfy clothes and a hot cup of tea when you get back home. It's fun to get all dolled up for a party or dinner out too but it's even better to get back home and slip into more comfortable apparel. There is something healing about that. 

I find using some well loved china for tea feels much the same way. Maybe it's that old vintage teacup you find the most comfortable to sip from. The handle is just right for your hand and the pattern feels like home. 

Maybe it's a lovely platter your grandmother once served her turkey on and you can't wait to bring it out for your turkey dinners.

Or maybe it's your auntie's tea set that she passed down to you after she is finished with it. 

It reminds you of her and those lovely tea times spent with her savouring conversation and a giggle or two.

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada and it is a day to give thanks for all our blessings. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago what some of mine were and today I also give thanks for the beloved aunt in my life and her beautiful dishes that she has entrusted me with.  

Most of you have heard me mention my beloved Auntie P many times over the years. She and I have always shared a special bond that I have with no one else in my family. We have told each other our inner most secrets and shared our dreams and heart aches over the years. She is so very dear to me and the feeling is mutual.

Today, I am using Auntie P's charming tea set, Rose Chintz by Johnson Bros. This china was gifted to her on her wedding day as well as place settings so it is an honour to use it for this special Thanksgiving day. This pattern is so old-fashioned and so very pretty with its big roses, buds and forget-me-nots. 

A friend is the sugar bowl in the tea party of life; Sweet and satisfying to the soul.  ~ unknown

I don't take sugar or milk in my tea but this is the covered sugar bowl.

Some days I'm a matchy-matchy gal and other days I like to mix and match because I find it brings more personality to the table. Today I'm in a mix and match mood.

Teacup is Aynsley. This beautiful set is the yummiest shade of pink with a lovely gold leaf garland just inside the cup.

The other is made by Colclough. It's a lovely shade of green with an accent of white and gold trim.

Some of us bake an apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Others bake a pumpkin pie. 

Still others like a cheese cake and so on. 

I prefer pumpkin pie because it's that time of year to enjoy pumpkins and squash whether they're baked into a pie, served as a side dish for dinner, or for decorating the mantel and front steps.

Would you like another slice of pie with your tea? It's so good! I have made pumpkin pie the last two weekends and that will be it until Christmas. So, I'm savouring every bite.

I know my American friends will celebrate their Thanksgiving later in November. I actually enjoy celebrating the holiday a bit earlier because it gives me more time to plan for Christmas. 

What is your special dessert for Thanksgiving?

I chose a pink theme today as well to remember those brave ladies who are suffering with or have suffered with or lost their lives to breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure to get your mammogram, dear friends!

Life is a gift! Today, and every day you wake up, is a gift from God. Remember to thank Him for it.

Wishing you all a fabulous day and a lovely Autumn week ahead. The Lord bless you all!

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