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Monday 6 January 2014

Reflections and My First Tea Time of 2014

Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company. ~ Author unknown

Happy New Year dear friends and welcome to my first Tea Time Tuesday in 2014! 

After all the busyness of the Christmas season, it is nice to slow down and reflect over the past year with a lovely cup of tea.

For me, the year 2013 started off with a bit of a tumble and I have spent the past year going to physio therapy. I am thankful that I am making progress and my back is feeling better. With God's help, I hope to keep it that way.

Some good things happened this past year too.  All my sons were home in June for a visit and all you moms know how wonderful it is to have your family around you.

The end of November, we finally got my mother moved back down to our area after spending the last two years living two hours away from us. It is a long story and believe me when I tell you that this was a miracle!

I am ever so thankful to God for His love and blessings every day and I look forward to a wonderful new year. I pray that I will be a blessing to all of you!

Where there is tea, there is hope. ~ Sir Arthur Pinero

Many of you have already shared your review of tea posts and today I decided to share mine. I just chose some favourites and I hope you enjoy them.

In January, I celebrated TTT's 3rd Anniversary with a Tea of Roses. I brought out my RA Old Country Roses.

For St Patrick's Day I celebrated with a wee bit o' green with a handmade teacup and Skye McGhie.

A soft springtime pallet using my gifted teacups, Roslyn Moss Rose and Colclough.

In May, Hubby and I celebrated an Anniversary with RA Lavender Rose.

My love for roses also had me sharing RA Old English Rose.

Lupins, roses from my garden, and tea made for a pretty table in June with a mix and match bouquet of china patterns.

In September, I set out a tea under our maple tree  using my vintage JB Rose Chintz. Most of this pattern was passed down to me by my sweet Auntie P.

Sharing some aqua blue with RA Veronica.

In honour of Breast Cancer awareness month, I shared some pink with RA Serena.

A little purple in Autumn using Gracie china.

JB Friendly Village appeals to the old-fashioned girl in me. I love this pattern depicting by-gone days!

And finally, this is my favourite fun post of the year. I felt like a little girl again playing with my dishes. My Sugarplum Fairy Tea was a delight to put together using my Skye McGhie Cream Lace  and Staffordshire teacups.

This wraps up my review of my 2013 tea parties.

Next week I will share another Tea Time with you and two weeks from now, I will be celebrating another Tea Time Tuesday Anniversary. It will be four years of celebrating tea time with well over 200 tea parties. What a wonderful four years it has been too, meeting all you lovely ladies who enjoy tea and pretty china as much as I do.

You have put gladness in my heart. ~ Psalm 4:7

Do you have a pretty teacup, coffee mug, or teapot to share? Perhaps you have a tablescape or a visit to a tea room you want to share with us. Please link up below, we would all love to see it!

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi