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Monday 17 January 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Welcome dear friends to my 51st Tea Time Tuesday!
I am delighted you are here! How is everyone today? I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and you're ready to join me for a cup of tea.

Valentines Day is just around the corner and one is seeing hearts and flowers everywhere. I am glad to see them because oftentimes after Christmas it can feel a little drab. The pinks and reds really perk things up, don't you agree?

Since love is in the air and everyone is thinking about Valentines Day, I thought I would share a photo of a little someone special who is wearing her hearts. This is my little granddaughter, Jenna-Lynn, who is six weeks old. Isn't she a little doll! I haven't actually met her yet because there is a whole country between us. I live on the east coast and she lives on the west coast. We do talk on the webcam however.

I don't think there is anything more beautiful or lovely than a newborn baby! God has given us so many wondrous gifts to enjoy; the love of family, friendship, nature's beauty, but life is the best gift of all. When I look at Jenna-Lynn's sweet little face, I am reminded of just how good and awesome life is!
I hope you are enjoying your life today!

Now here is my chance to play! Can you guess what is in this box? Teddy was a gift from my mother many years ago and he's all dressed up in his best fisherman knit sweater.

Teddy is getting impatient and he's saying, "Hurry up, please! I want to see too!"

OK, Teddy, here you go.

This lovely little tea set was a Christmas present. Two child sized teacups, a sugar and creamer, and a teapot all sit on a porcelain lacey-edged tea tray. Do you recognize the pattern? Isn't it lovely!
The set is made of porcelain and the pattern is called Cream Lace, made by who other than Skye McGhie! If you have been following my tea parties you know that I love Skye McGhie!

I couldn't wait to share this little tea set with you! Some gifts are meant to be given away and this is one of them. Someday I am going to give it to little Jenna-Lynn. She is only six weeks old right now but I am hoping that someday she too will love tea parties.

Now, how about something sweet to go with tea!
Do you like strawberry shortcake? Last week, one of our ladies had visited a Tea Room where she enjoyed a High Tea. She had shared some wonderful photos and one of the lovely desserts that she enjoyed at the Tea Room was a strawberry shortcake served up in a teacup. So I 'borrowed' the idea and I'm serving mine in a teacup today. Thank you, my friend, for your inspiration!

This is an angel food cake, cut into cubes.
The cake is layered into my Johnson Bros. Rose Chintz teacup. I do love my Rose Chintz with its pretty florals on a creamy background! They remind me of my childhood and my beloved Auntie P who gifted me with most of my Rose Chintz china.

Next, ladle some crushed strawberries over the cake.
Then a mound of fresh whipped cream is swirled on top! Mmmm, yum!

Teddy says, "How about some fresh chocolate grated on top; I love chocolate!" he quips.
That's better! "Yup, it tastes as good as it looks!" Teddy exclaims.
I'm glad you like it, Teddy! Here's your own helping of refreshments; tea and shortcake in a cup.
Oops, I forgot the chocolate! Oh, well, Teddy, you may have some of mine.

Skye McGhie has made an exact replica of the original teapot. The adult size and the child's size are so cute together, aren't they?
Both are the Cream Lace pattern and have the wonderful lacey cutouts around the top of the pots. And they both have the pretty Fleur de lis on them.

Sitting with a good book or magazine such as Victoria and a cup of tea, makes for a delightful respite.

Perhaps you don't care for tea. There are many alternatives:

Tea or...
* Coffee
* Herbal teas
* Lemonade 
* Fruit punch
* Hot cider {stir with a cinnamon stick}
* Hot chocolate

Last week I shared how I had reached my 50th tea post. Well, you know what that means! It means that my Tea Time Tuesday Anniversary is coming up and is in fact, next week. Tea Time Tuesday is one year old next week and I hope you will all come and help me celebrate.
In celebration of the Anniversary as well as all my recent milestones, I am having a Giveaway and the winner will be announced on Valentines Day. Please join me next week for all the details.

"Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other." ~ Romans 12: 9-10 {NLT}

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Thank you my lovely friends for stopping by today. I hope you have found your visit enjoyable. If you would like to join me for Tea Time Tuesday, please share something related to tea; a teacup, teapot, or a china mug, etc. You may also do coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate, or any of the alternatives mentioned above. A scripture verse, poem, or tea quote would be most welcome. The Tea Time Tuesday button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post if you wish. As a courtesy, please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with my other participants. Thank you!

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