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Saturday 31 January 2009

Pink Saturday ~ Pink Treasures

Hi everyone ~ Happy Pink Saturday!
I can't believe Saturday is here again so soon!

I have a lot of pink in my home, so coming up with pink certainly isn't a problem for me. These are my contributions for today:

This ceramic bonnet hangs on the wall in the bedroom. I made it in the early nineties, using a dry-brushing technique. There is a pink flowered plant hanging not far from it.

The Christmas angel, I thought I would show one more time before putting her away till next Christmas. She's pretty in her pink toile gown and feather wings. She is accompanied by the pink lamp and sparkly candle centerpiece. Lots of pink!
Last, but certainly not least, is this pink, stained-glass butterfly. It was the last gift I received from my best friend, who passed away in 1990 from breast cancer. Whenever I look at it, I think of her, and I still miss her. I am thankful for the wonderful friendship we shared and all the lovely memories I have. The little butterfly is beautiful, just like she was! Well ladies, those are my pinks for this week. Hope you enjoy your weekend, and be sure to click on this link to go to other wonderful pinks, hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound-