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Friday 21 December 2018

A Cozy Christmas Tea

Hearts are aglow when we fill our homes with domestic warmth, nostalgia, and the beloved trinkets that symbolize the season. ~ Victoria magazine

Hello my dear friends and welcome to a cozy tea time I have set out in front of the Christmas tree!

This beautiful blown glass teapot ornament was a gift from my youngest son last year.

The holidays are a time of family traditions and gatherings with friends - simple moments to savour like a cup of tea.  

I just took butter tarts out of the oven but they are too hot to serve just yet. I have all of my baking done now except for the pies for Christmas dinner. It has been a busy month and so it's nice to put my feet up in front of the fire and sip a cup of Cinnamon Rooibos Chai tea while enjoying the soft lights and music playing in the background.

The sun is setting and soon there will be a golden glow from the tree. Taking time for tea is a lovely way to just sit and savour not only tea and treats but the traditions passed down. Most importantly, the Reason for the Season; the first coming of our Lord Jesus. 

Christmas is that moment in time when God, in His unconditional love, stepped out of heaven and onto earth, in order that we might one day step out of earth into heaven.- Charles F Stanley

...Perhaps that is the true gift of a teatime celebration: It fills our cups with joy and warmth and friendship. May the echo of the teacup's message be heard not only at Christmas, not only on special occasions, but anytime friends come together. ~ Emilie Barnes

I had a hankering for gingerbread cookies the other day so I'm having some gingerbread cookies and sugar plums with my tea. Would you like to join me?

On the table is my Ganz teapot which was a gift from my oldest son and his family a number of years ago. A Royal Stafford teacup and a Royal Albert Christmas Rose which is the December cup in the Flowers of the Month series. The pretty plate is Andover made by 222 Fifth. 

Christmas is a season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame for charity in the heart." ~ Washington Irving

My family is home now so this will be my last post until the New Year. 
Last night, the guys made dinner; Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, with steamed Brussels sprouts. It was delicious and what a treat to get waited on for a change! I'd love to keep them here for a while. *smiles* 

Thank you, dear friends, for your visits and lovely comments over this past year. You all encourage me and I appreciate you all so very much. I wish for you the Happiest Christmas filled with the love of family and friends. May our Lord's beautiful presence fill your hearts and your homes this Christmas season and may the New Year bring you blessings overflowing. 

See you in the New Year!

A little Child...a shining star...
a stable rude...the door ajar.
Yet in that place, so crude, forlorn,
The hope of all the world was born. ~ unknown

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi