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Wednesday 13 February 2013


"Nothing on earth is so divine as a home. It is four walls and a roof, with windows to let in the sunshine, and a door to bar against the outer world, and to open to one's friends. It is a nest full of sweetness and peace. It is an asylum and a refuge and a shelter and a place of withdrawal from storm and tempest. It is a place of dignity and repose." ~ Margaret E. Sangster 

Hello dear friends and welcome to my HOME ~

I hope everyone is enjoying their week. I am still having back issues and almost cancelled today's party but I wanted to give you the opportunity to share something here if you wished.

Over the weekend, we took refuge in our HOME because of the blizzards that blew in. It was quite nasty! 
This time of year, especially here on the Island, when the tempest rages outside, one wants to stay inside and keep warm in front of the fire. Sipping tea or hot chocolate or even a hearty soup like the one Kitty shared last week makes being HOME all the more enjoyable.

Last week, Kitty @ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen received the most views. Congratulations Kitty! Don't you love her red heart bowls and table covering?

You may view Kitty's recipe for Sausage Soup here.

Now, if you would kindly indulge me, I will share one of my new teacup trios which are from this week's tea party and which some of you have already seen.

This pattern is called Rose of England. Isn't it pretty with its full blown light and dark pink roses!

With tea, one must have a cookie to enjoy with it. Everything looks magical under glass, including cookies! Pink tulips lend themselves beautifully, don't you think?

There were a few other treats; egg salad heart sandwiches,  chocolates, as well as strawberries.

My wonderful hubby gifted me with this sweet little angel. She's taking time to stop and smell the posies.

Or if you prefer; a red theme which I dug out of my archives.

Since I am barely moving these days, I didn't do much in the way of decorating for Valentines Day. I did however set up this wee vignette and lit the tree.

I always keep up one or two trees from the holidays for just such occasions as Valentines day. This is one which I added red hearts and pink glitter balls to. The pretty red box is filled with Victoria and Tea Time magazines.

What have you done for Sweetheart's Day?

Thank you for visiting my cottage today. If you have something HOME related that you would like to share, please link up and join me. Also if any of my tea friends were late to the tea party please link up here. I will be happy to come and visit you.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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