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Monday 3 March 2014

Tea Time Tuesday

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~ Proverb

Welcome to Tea Time dear friends~ It's the third of March and there is a feeling of springtime in the air. The days are longer and the ice has melted off our driveway as well as the streets. Some call it messy March, but Spring is coming and after such a long cold and snowy winter, I'm ready to welcome it!

Please come in and make yourself at home. I had planned a lavender and white tea today but my plan got changed a bit. A smidgeon of pink got thrown in too.

You see, I had bought two bouquets of tulips; one white and one pink. The pink bouquet I was going to give my mother and then I got the bright idea to split them with her, half and half. This is how I ended up with pink in the pictures.

Had I known I was going to do this, I would have chosen purple tulips instead. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

The teapot and cake plate are both Purple Pansy. The violet teacups are made by Gracie China and the teacup with pink roses is made by Regency.

A cup of tea is a cup of peace. ~ Soshitsu Sen XV, quoted by Kenneth S. Cohen

For our tea I made chocolate chip muffins and I shared the recipe last week at my HOME.

I found this milkglass vase at my favourite antique store and my little lavender turtle has joined us today.

Won't you join me?

Tea is a time in which we were perfectly contented with ourselves and one another. ~ Charles Dickens

Coming up on the 17th of March is my Celebrate Spring tea party. This is my button should you wish to use it for your tea time.

One of the many things I love about springtime is the return of the song birds so I thought we would do a Bird Lover's Tea this year. So bring out your little feathered friends adorning teacups, teapots, mugs, plates, ornaments, etc. Anything and everything with a birdie motif would be lovely. Perhaps you have a canvas painted with birdies and a tea set up in front of it would be adorable. Use your imagination and let's have some fun!
Also, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day so perhaps you would rather do a green themed tea. You might even wish to combine the two. Whatever strikes your fancy is welcome.

Thank you for visiting today and if you have a teacup, teapot, coffee mug, tablescape, or Tea Room to share, I invite you to link up with me and I will be happy to visit you. Wishing you all a beautiful day.

Dear God, protect our going out and coming in; let us share the hospitality of this home with all who visit us, that those who enter here may know Your love and peace. ~  Unknown

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi