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Thursday 14 April 2011

Pink Saturday

Hello bloggerettes and welcome to Pink Saturday with Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound-

I finally finished decorating my mantel for Easter. It's not eggs-actly what I had in mind but it will have to do. Originally I had planned on using a pink flower pot but I can't for the life of me, find it. So the cream pots will have to do!

When last I shared this with you, I had only half of it decorated. I was hoping to find more chicks the same size as the one on my mantel but no one in town had them. So, he is playing all by himself with his friendly neighborhood bunnies. They are having fun regardless and they're all eggs-cited about Easter on the way!

So, here's my mantel for Easter; hope you like it! It was very difficult getting a shot without me in the photo too and we couldn't have that!

I normally decorate my mantel for Easter more formally but this year, I decided on a more whimsical one.

There are five pink- nosed and playful brown and white bunnies hopping about and one little chick has shown up to play hide and seek with them.

Pink Easter grass and eggs give the mantel a more festive look.

My bunnies were having such a wonderful time that they upset a potted rose.

And these two bunnies have upset a pot of eggs while Mr. Peeps looks on in surprise.

Sorry, it's not closer up but I didn't want me in the reflection of the mirror.

When I was taking pictures of the mantel, this cute little fellow showed up in my back yard so I took his picture too. It's not really clear because I took it from inside the house through the kitchen window. He was quite content just sitting there munching grass.

As you can see, he is basically the same colour as my bunnies. I am glad I got the pictures when I did because something scared him and off he hopped into the woods.

I'm also joining Sherry @ Home Sweet Home party. ~

If you enjoy flowers; pansies in particular, I hope you will take a moment to visit this new blogger I just 'met'. She has a gorgeous blog! Michelle @ Shabby Delights  ~ 

Well, those are my offerings for this week. Please be sure to visit the ladies hostessing these parties. I hope you have a safe and happy weekend and I invite you all to join me next week for my Easter Tea Party.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi