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Thursday 23 April 2009

Vintage Ads

Good afternoon everyone~ Today I would like to show you the vintage ads I won in a Giveaway. A few weeks ago, I entered a Giveaway at Debbie's Glory Feathers, Star Light, and Roses and I won!!

Anyone who likes vintage ads will enjoy seeing these. What I like about them is that they transport you back to a simpler time where ladies wore hats and gloves to church or dress up. Big jars of bright candies sat on the counter at the old country store and made the eyes of children big as saucers to look at them. A bag of penny candy cost only a nickel or a dime and a bottle of pop was something like eight cents. Chocolate bars were almost twice the size they are now and one could buy an O'Henry bar for a nickel.
When you walked into the old country store, you could smell an assortment of scents in the air! Talcum powder and spices, ground oats and fresh meat.
The clerk would grind your meat for you while you asked about the family and you talked about events taking place in the neighborhood. The freshly ground meat would be handed to you wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.
Almost everything came packaged in a tin, a box, or brown paper.
Through the windows, danced the sunbeams and on the walls, you would see the latest advertisements for cough medicine and ice cream.
There was the scent of innocence in the air....Those were the days!
Aren't these ads charming? They are about fifteen and a half inches by eleven inches. One side is an advertisement for warm cotton blankets and the reverse side is for Williams' Talc Powder.

I will hang one side for a time and when I need a change, I'll reverse it to the other side. Thank you Debbie!

Enjoy your day everyone and pleasant dreams of days gone by!