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Thursday 30 March 2017

More Snow and Wind, So Let's Perk Up With Daffodils!

Hello my lovely friends! It is almost April and the snow just won't quit. What do you do when you're longing for warm, sunny days? Well, you bring out some floral china and daffodils!

"Snow in April is abominable," said Anne. "Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss." ~ LM Montgomery- Anne of Ingleside

Anne, I have to agree with you!

Nothing says Spring like tulips or daffodils! Hubby brought me this bouquet of daffodils home day before yesterday and they really perk up the room. 

I have always loved daffodils because they are one of the first flowers of Spring and they remind me of starry bells that the fairies might curl up in for a wee nap.

On the table is a lovely Royal Albert Shaftesbury in a glorious yellow with blue and pink posies. The shabby rose is one left over from my last bouquet.

My other cup is also Royal Albert but has no name on the bottom. 

This particular cup and saucer holds a few memories because it was a wedding gift many years ago. With Easter on the way, a little bunny and chick are also on the table. I like a bit of whimsy especially at Easter time, don't you?

I chose my RA New Country Roses teapot for the soft pink and the tiny yellow flower which peeks from behind the rose.

The little chick reminds me of the time Daddy brought home a box of fluffy yellow chicks. I remember he set up a light to keep them warm. They were so sweet and I can still hear their peeps! My father has given me so many lovely memories to cherish.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~ French proverb

An attitude of gratitude can take one a long way. Even though it is stormy outside and there are storms in my life right now, I choose to think on lovely things. The blessings are everywhere! 

I still have no dates for my surgeries. Like so many, one has to wait unless there is an emergency. Since completely changing my diet, it has helped my pain considerably and most days I am able to cope not too badly. I also know there are many of you praying for me and it really helps. Thank you!

And thank you to all of you who stop by and leave a comment. They are a great comfort to me, especially now. The Lord bless you all and enjoy your upcoming weekend! 

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi