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Thursday 20 May 2021

May Updates

Hello dear friends! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely season which is upon us.

As I live each day may I make a difference
And touch one heart....
Each day it is my goal
To bring smiles and laughter
Into a soul! ~ Unknown author

Thank you to everyone who wished my hubby and me well when I took my break. Your thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated! 

While I was absent from my blog, a lot  happened and I want to bring you up to date.

A month ago, I took a fall and bruised my ribs. I lose my balance often because of my condition which seems to be getting worse. Anyway, I was laid up for a while but I am feeling better. My hubby went back to work a little too soon after he took a mini stroke in November. So, he has been off work since late March, but he is feeling much better now. 

We have a new fur baby in the family and his name is Greyson. He is adorable, and he knows he is loved, believe me! My son got him about three weeks ago. He is a mixed breed of shi tzu and bichon and I just love him! Right now he is between four and six pounds and as soft and fluffy as a teddy bear. Isn't that face the sweetest? It wasn't easy getting a picture of him sitting still because he is always wriggling around everywhere.
Happiness is a warm puppy. ~ Charles Schulz

It is wonderful having a baby in the family again, even if it is a furry one.

As some of you know, my son and his family on the west coast are preparing for a move to the east coast. The company he works for is  transferring him, and he is excited to get here and begin a new life with his family. They have bought a house in New Brunswick which is where I am from originally. In fact he will be living only a few miles from where I had lived. So he is excited about that. They fly out of BC in a couple of weeks.

Their new home has everything they could ever want including a hot tub, a fish pond, and lovely gardens already in bloom. My daughter-in-law is Dutch so the gardening will come naturally to her. When we are able to go over for a visit, I will get pictures.

The children are sad to be moving away from all their friends. My little granddaughter had to say good-bye to her Cheer team on the weekend. They are very sad to see her go because she is the star of the team. Their team is in second place here in Canada. 
It is a difficult time for my grandchildren leaving behind all they have ever known but they are happy they will be living closer to us. They will be about two hours away so it is comforting to know that they will be near, versus the three thousand miles or five thousand kilometres away. 

On the home front, we painted the wall in the dining area, which was a big faux pas on my part. I used to have robin egg blue with a beautiful wallpaper in my kitchen-dining room years ago. It was the prettiest it had ever been. I wanted the colour back but after we got one and a half  walls done, we thought it was too dark without some wallpaper too. These rooms are on the north side of the house so we want the rooms as bright as possible. I don't want to paper the wall, so, we painted back to the country cream we have been living with. *sigh*

Two and a half years ago, we had painted the end wall in the living room a colour close to turquoise which I never liked. The man at the paint store had chosen the colour for us and by the time we had it on the wall, I knew I wasn't going to like it. However, I didn't have the heart to tell my hubby since he did the painting. Anyway, time passed and I started dropping hints about the colour and how I wanted to change it. So we changed it to a soft robin egg blue which is my favourite colour. It is also the colour we had originally painted in the kitchen-dining area so the paint didn't go to waste. It is perfect, and I am so happy with it! So is my hubby!

I don't like how the corner shows one side blue and the other, oyster. We wanted to extend the blue onto the sofa wall. That would make two walls robin egg blue and two walls in oyster white. The sofa is teal.
This is a small room but it is very bright and cozy. We have two recliners adjacent to the sofa and they are wheat coloured which match the oyster white walls.
This is the corner now which we painted and carried over on to the sofa wall. We are loving it!
The camera doesn't do it justice, but trust me, it looks much better!

We celebrated the first weekend in May with my hubby's birthday, our Anniversary, and Mother's Day. May has always been a very busy month for us along with my son and his wife's Anniversary, and two more birthdays. 
My football playing grandson had his sixteenth birthday yesterday, May 19. I can't believe it! This was taken in 2018 when he won Defensive Player of the Year. We really miss him because he moved up to Ontario to play football last September. Alas, he hasn't been able to play because of the pandemic. He sure picked the wrong time to go up there!
Well, I think I have brought you up to date on what has been happening here at our home. 

The goldfinches are bright yellow and there are flocks of them this year. Back in late March, we saw the very first red male cardinal ever in our back yard. Unfortunately he couldn't get at the seed in the feeders although he came back twice to try, but failed. We haven't seen him since. We are hoping the cardinals up west will make their way down here to Charlottetown. 

I am so happy Spring is here and everything is greening up. This coming weekend, is Victoria Day weekend which is the kick off to Summer here in Canada. Folks will be firing up their barbecues and celebrating. Looking forward to summertime!

NOTE: Before I close, can anyone please explain to me what this Feedburner thing that bloggers are losing, is all about?

Thank you for visiting and God bless you for not giving up on me and my blog. Wishing you all a happy and beautiful day!

Happiness is an inside job! ~ unknown

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi