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Monday 8 February 2021

February and Her Pretty Teacups

Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. ~ Helen Keller    

Happy February, and a Happy Birthday to all my February friends out there!

I have some violet teacups today. There are two Grace sets and two Royal Albert February sets. One RA was given to me by my hubby's late aunt for a house warming gift and the other belonged to my late mother-in-law whose birthday was in February. When my sister-in-law found out I had one, she gave her mother's to me as well which was very thoughtful of her.

Today's tea will be in a purple theme because of course, there are violets on teacups and pansies on the teapot and the plate. But there is also a touch of pink because of the tulips. My phone camera isn't showing the true colour of them. 
Looking out the windows behind the tulips is quite a different scene today. We have a snow storm going on.

Some of my silver teaspoons.

This is the true pink colour of the tulips. Aren't they pretty?

When asked if my cup is half-filled or half-empty; my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup. ~ unknown
Hubby and I are watching our diets for health reasons and I am doing very little baking these days. I must admit, I miss all those treats I used to make, but for now, I make the odd batch of bran muffins and that is about it. Fruit and veggies have become the norm here at our home. Every couple of months I may bake some cookies or a dessert of some kind but that is it. Sigh! I really miss making treats! 

This coming weekend we will be celebrating Valentine's Day and I hope to do a post centered around that special holiday. I may have another party just for that occasion. I will let you know. 

The snow storm has calmed down just a bit but the winds are supposed to pick up and then we will have a blizzard on our hands. The bird feeders are filled with packed snow and the poor birds can't get at their morning snack. The shepherd's hook is leaning a bit. I hope it doesn't fall over! The snow is like fluff right now so it is bound to make an awful mess once the winds blow. 

So, I am signing off, just in case. Take care everyone and have a lovely week!

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi