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Monday 20 July 2009

Blue Monday

Happy Blue Monday everyone!
Here we are gathered once again with Sally to celebrate Blue Monday. If you love the colour blue then please go visit Sally at and sign up. There are lots of blue sites to visit and we have lots of fun along the way.

Today I would like to share some photos of my son Jordan's trip to Portugal. He spent about ten days over there at a Math Conference and was able to get some great shots. He spent time in Lisbon and Porto and he gave me permission to share these with you all. The thing that struck me about all the pictures was how very blue the sky is. It is brilliant, almost majestic!
So, enjoy.........
This is one of the first sights he saw when he landed in Portugal. All the houses had red-tiled rooftops and they all looked very ancient. He thought it was pretty cool.

This is one of the narrow streets one will find in that country.

One of the many chuches he saw. He was amazed at the architecture, noting you don't see this kind of building any more! Some strange looking trees.Some of Portugal's vegetation. I cannot believe the vividness of the blue sky! Isn't it gorgeous?

Entrance to one of Portugal's Botanical Gardens.
A modern mansion built beside an old fort.
An array of different kinds of architecture can be found throughout the country; the old co-mingles with the new everywhere.
Taking a boat ride along the Douro River.
Another church.

Some Portugese currency.Finally, a view of the Atlantic Ocean from the other side of the world; Portugal!
I hope you enjoyed your little tour of the old country. Please take some time to visit Sally and all the other participants by clicking on the link above or the Blue Monday button on my sidebar. Have a wonderful day everyone!