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Friday 21 December 2012

An Update On My Son

Hello bloggy friends~ Several of you were asking for an update  on my son, some of you even emailed me. You are such a wonderful bunch of friends! 

Well, I heard from a little birdie that all is well! I am thrilled to tell you that his check up went well and he can hear in that ear. He has to go back again in another three weeks for a recheck and by that time the swelling should be down. I don't know if he will ever have 100 percent hearing in that ear but at least he can hear. 
He will still have to take it easy for a little while but everything is going as it should. We're happy!

So thank you so much for your prayers for him. Prayer really does change things! God has heard and we are so very thankful!

Now I'm going to have myself a nice cup of tea and relax! Would you care to join me?

Chocolate Chai is in the pot, the tree is lit and the fire is going. A cup of tea and a wee nosh is just the thing.

Have a fabulous day, my friends. I appreciate you all!

Sharing from my heart~  Sandi