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Saturday 16 May 2009

Spiritual Sundays

Hello everyone. The weekend is upon us once again and so is Spiritual Sundays. I hope you don't mind but I would like to share another devotional from Our Daily Bread. I know not everyone reads it so I hope you'll bear with me! I read this one the other day and it really touched me. I hope it will touch you as well.


' "Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." ' - Matthew 4:19

Every year, high school seniors apply to their favourite universities and then watch the mailbox for the letter announcing their acceptance.

It was different for teens in New Testament times. Jewish boys would often attend rabbinical schools until age thirteen. Then only the best and brightest would be chosen to "follow" the local rabbi. This small, select group of disciples would go where he went and eat what he ate - modeling their lives after the rabbi. Those who didn't make the cut would pick up a trade like carpentry, sheep-herding, or fishing.

Guys like Simon, Andrew, James, and John hadn't made the cut. So, instead of following the local rabbi, they were down by the docks, knee-deep in the family business. It's interesting that Jesus sought out the men the local rabbi had rejected. Instead of targeting the best and brightest, Jesus offered His invitation, "Follow Me," to ordinary run-of-the-mill fishermen. What an honour! They would become the followers of the ultimate Rabbi.

Jesus extends the same honour to you and me - not because we are the best or brightest, but because He needs ordinary people like us to model His life and to lovingly rescue people on His behalf. So, follow Him and let Him make something of your life! - Joe Stowell

As followers of Jesus

Who love Him from the heart,

We may be ordinary,

But we've been set apart. - Sper


Please click on my Spiritual Sundays button on my sidebar to go visit Charlotte and Ginger as they host this wonderful event today. Have a wonderful & blessed weekend.



Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday is here again and we're all looking forward to seeing what all the pinkies out in blogland are offering up today, aren't we?

One year when we were on vacation, we visited an Old Country Market and they had a collection of these wonderful plates. "Coventry Garden" fine porcelain by Skye McGhie. Well, I just couldn't leave without getting one! I love anything with roses on it, especially pink roses and this was no exception!
Then I saw this other piece in a little shop at the hospital and I got it to go with the other. They look so pretty together! I served up my Pudding Tarts on these the other night.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an adorable little tea pot at Winners in the same pattern but because Mother's Day was coming, I didn't buy it. I've been kicking myself ever since because now of course, it is gone. Oh well, some one else is enjoying it now!
Ever since I redecorated the bathroom, I have been on the hunt for a couple of mirrors for over the little shelf in there. I haven't seen what I wanted and then it occured to me that I didn't have to have mirrors necessarily.
I have had these two prints for many years and I had them hanging in the living room. When I redecorated the living room, I put the prints away. But I always wanted to hang them somewhere because I always liked them.

These are the before and after pictures. They always had gold frames and I decided to paint them white and hang them in the bathroom.
One is a rose with a little cherub and the other is a peony with two little cherubs. They are very whimsical and just add a sweet touch to the room. I didn't distress the frames and I'm still thinking on that. What do you think?

Well, those are my pink offerings for another week. Hope you enjoyed your visit and please do come again. In the meantime, why not go visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more pinks. You can click on the link or the Pink Saturday button on my sidebar. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Blessings & hugs,