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Friday 30 September 2011

Pink Saturday

Hello everyone and welcome to Beverly's  Pink Saturday.
Thank you to Beverly for hosting her wonderful party so faithfully every week.

Oh, what an absolutely beautiful day we are having! The sun is shining and it is warm like a summer day. I just had a delightful visit with my aunt and uncle from New Brunswick who are over touring the Island today. They brought me something pink but I will share that on another day since I already had this post ready.

One of our rose bushes has yielded up one last frilly pink rose and a sweet little rose bud so I cut them and brought them indoors to enjoy.

I am also sharing the pink teacup my hubby got me when we were on vacation this summer. I had shared it for my tea party this past week but thought you pinkies might like to see it too.

The roses, fluffy, frilly, and the most gorgeous fragrance!

The teacup is the softest shade of pink like that of the blush which tints the sky just as the sun is setting.  There is a pretty pink rose inside the cup and on the saucer.


I drink my tea black so I get to enjoy the rose in the bottom of the teacup as I drink my tea too.

Thank you for visiting me today. I wish you a lovely weekend and I hope it's kissed with lots of pink.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi