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Thursday 15 January 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Charlotte at Charlotte's Weblog just tagged me.

I answer the following questions. Tag five other bloggers. Let them know they have been tagged.

~Name five things in your purse.



Purse calendar


Tape measure

~Name five things in your work room.

Well since I don't have a work room as such; I work in every room of the house. I will pick the office:


*Family photos

*Filing cabinet

*Bookcase full of books

*Wall clock

~Name five things you've always wanted to do.

*Write a book

*Travel through the States and the land of my ancestors {UK, Germany, Netherlands}

*Build my dream home; a cottage on the beach

*Be able to see my family whenever I want {two of my sons live off Island}

*Have my own home decor shoppe

~Name five things you're into


*Shopping for home decor items



*Spending time on the beach

~Pick five bloggers to do the tag

1. Jenni-

2. Karla-

3. Judith-

4. Carolyn-

5. Debra-

Have a lovely day ladies!