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Tuesday 16 December 2008

A Christmas Spirit Award

Today I am honoured once again with a lovely award given to me by my friend Charlotte at Charlotte's Weblog.

This award is given to those who LOVE the Christmas season and really get into the Christmas spirit of things. Charlotte and I have much in common; including we both love the Lord and we both love Christmas. Thank you my dear friend for passing this award on to me. I really appreciate it! Christmas hugs to you!

To accept this award I must mention the person who sent me the award, along with their blog link, which I have done, and then list at least five things I love about Christmas {that's easy}.
I must also pass the award on to as many people as I want who also love Christmas.


1.The Reason for the Season~ Jesus
2.Christmas trees & decorations
3.Christmas cards
4.Christmas decorating
5.Christmas music
6.Christmas concerts/programs at church
7.Meeting my loved ones at the airport when they arrive home for Christmas
8.Sharing special times with loved ones
9.Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts
10.Special food served this time of year; mmmm- fudge, fruit cake, chocolate bark, pate' {Yes, I do indeed have a sweet tooth}
I would like to pass this award on to:
Becca at ~ Of Bluebirds Roses and Christmas-
Carolyn- at Aiken House and Gardens-
Have a wonderful day Ladies!