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Wednesday 20 March 2013


"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest." ~ Robert Montgomery

Hello my lovely friends and welcome to my HOME!

Yay! Spring is finally here! Too bad Winter didn't realize it. We have a big snow storm barreling across our little Island today and it's dumping a great deal of snow on us. But tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so we will enjoy our first of Spring tomorrow.

You wouldn't believe the obstacles I encountered trying to get this post up and running today! Worst of all, Linky wouldn't co-operate with me either but I finally got it. I contemplated canceling my HOME party this week but I know some of you really enjoy it.

I try not to share too much personal information on here because we all have our troubles and my desire is to keep my blog as uplifting and happy as possible. However, many of you have been wondering how I am feeling. Well, as many of you know, I am suffering with a great deal of back pain. 

The MRI showed that I have two herniated disks and they are pressing on the nerves which go into my hip and down my leg into my foot. I had my first physio therapy session yesterday and was all done in when I got home.
The good news is, my therapist is hopeful that he can get me fixed up so I won't have to have surgery. I pray he is right!
Then my darling son and DIL dropped in for a visit so I didn't get a chance to create this post until this morning. Therefore, I don't have anything new to share with you.

So, I will share a few pictures from my Spring Tea this week as well as a few features. I hope you enjoy them. My tea friends have already seen the tea party photos but many of you haven't.

I love this wee bird's nest my son found for me! It will be nesting season very shortly.

A stack of teacups ready to sip tea from.

We had fairy cakes with our tea.

And here is my Spring Tea table.

"Where thou art - that - is Home." ~ Emily Dickinson

The following posts received the most views last week.  Congratulations, ladies!

Penny's Vintage Home shared her lovely Hoosier Desk. I love her  collection of white ware and isn't that little lamb adorable!

Selep Imaging  shared a beautiful collection of vintage lace. Really lovely! I adore lace.

vintage lace rose

I usually don't pick favourites but there were two posts which captured my attention...

Linda @ The French Hens Nest shared her fabulous collection of blue transferware which was a gift from a good friend; a very good friend indeed! 

And Debbie @ Debbie-Dabble shared her adorable Easter tree. You must see her collection of cute bunnies and a childhood basket which she brings out every year. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting and thank you for being patient with me as well as for your prayers. You are all so kind.

Happy Spring!


Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi