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Monday 31 August 2009

Blue Monday

Good morning all you blue belles; it's Blue Monday!
Over the last number of weeks, I've kept my eye out for anything and everything blue. From signs, to flowers, to houses; I've photographed them all.
I hope you enjoy my little array of blues today, pretty much houses this week ~

Yesterday, Hubby and I stopped to enjoy a burger at our favourite Snack Bar "Shirley's." Shirley makes the best strawberry milkshake on the Island and real hamburgers. Hubby has his blue shirt on. There is a blue can to the right and Pepsi is in blue on the sign overhead.

While on the way to Shirley's we passed this lovely property with this little blue potting shed.
I thought it was so adorable with its yellow door and star.

On the way to Shirley's, we also passed this blue house, just newly built in the past couple of years.

Another blue house.

On the way to Victoria Park where we go to have our coffee, we passed a blue house with a little blue play house in the back yard. The lucky little girl who gets to play house in that! You can't tell from the picture but it has gingerbread all along the edge of the roof. Very cute!
Then there is our former Premier's home. A Premier in Canada is the equivilent to your American governor.
This home is so fancy with its gables and gingerbread trim, it reminds me of a wedding cake. It really is a spectacular home! It is now a Bed and Breakfast.This home belongs to an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in years. He and his family live right down on the water at Victoria Park. Sorry, I couldn't get any closer. But it is blue with a lot of gingerbread trim on it! That is water in the foreground.Then there is this lovely older home right in the City across from a little park where we are heading next.Blue flowers are in abundance here. Hubby, sitting on a bench at this little park which is one of several in the middle of the City. Our Provincial building is in the background.On the way home, we passed a home that once belonged to my neighbor. It was an old white farm house at one time and whoever bought the place, turned it into this lovely home with a wrap around porch. And it is blue! Isn't it wonderful? Hope you enjoyed seeing all my blue houses today. Please go pay our charming hostess Sally a visit at or click the Blue Monday button on my sidebar and check out all the other blue offerings. Enjoy your day everyone!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi