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Saturday 19 December 2015

Christmas Roses for Tea Time

Each Christmas I remember
The ones of long ago;
I see our mantelpiece adorned
With stockings in a row.
Each Christmas finds me dreaming
Of days that used to be,
When we hid presents here and there,
For all the family.
Each Christmas I remember
The fragrance in the air,
Of roasting turkey and mince pies
And cookies everywhere.
Each Christmas finds me longing
For Christmases now past,
And I am back in childhood
As long as memories last. ~ from Christmas Past by Carice Williams

Welcome sweet friends to my last tea time before Christmas! Can you believe it is almost here?

This is my tree this year. It is much the same as last year only with all white lights instead of a mixture of white and coloured. As you can see, I have a lot of pink and teal/aqua in my decor; two of my favourite colours.

What is the Christmas spirit? It is the spirit which brings a smile to the lips and tenderness to the heart; It is the spirit which warms one into friendship with all the world, which impels one to hold out the hand of fellowship to every man and woman. ~ Anonymous

Every December I bring out my Royal Albert Old Country Roses.

This pattern boasts a rich array of red, golden yellow, and deep pink roses; perfect for December. It reminds me of days gone by; a time when good manners were still in vogue.

It also reminds me of my daddy who always admired this pattern. When I see OCR, I always think of him, because he brought my mother roses every week and he really loved Christmas. 

The teapot, you remember, was a birthday gift from my family a few years ago.

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. ~ JM Barrie

I found another teacup and a dessert plate at Home Sense a few months ago and am happy to add them to my collection. 

Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee, icy-window filigree, sugarplums and candle glow, part of Christmas long ago. ~ Jo Geis

My decorating is finished and now I just have to finish up the baking. There will be lots of company this year as we will have family joining us. 

The holidays are a time of family traditions and gatherings with friends - simple moments to savour like a cup of tea. 

Do you remember the little twelve inch trees I found for next to nothing after last Christmas? I glued one into a Santa boot which had been a part of a floral arrangement and then I decorated it with little ornaments and Timothy the teddy bear.

The other one I decorated to match the OCR china. This is the little angel on the top of the tree.

She was put together by hand and the ornaments are all the colours in the china.

Notice the wee roses. This little tree will be part of my tea table today.

May I pour you some tea? I am having Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice which has hibiscus, roasted chicory, chamomile, rosehips, roasted carob, ginger, and cardamon in it.

Doesn't it sound delicious? I think it will go well with my Sugar Plums, gingerbread cookies, and pumpkin nut bread.

I love to capture the lights and have them reflecting in the tea!

Love and friendship are the best sweeteners of tea. ~ Unknown

In the light of that star, Lie the ages impearled;
And that song from afar Has swept over the world.
Every hearth is aflame, and the beautiful sing
In the homes of the nations That Jesus is King! ~ From the Christmas Song, "There's a Song in the Air"- Josiah G. Holland {1819-1881} Karl P. Harrington {1861-1953}

I am so happy you could stop by for a visit and I hope you can join me on Monday for my last No Place Like Home before the holidays. Enjoy your weekend dear friends and bask in the loveliness we call Christmas!

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi