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Friday 4 September 2015

A Birthday Celebration and Prize Winning Doilies.

Hello everyone. As I was preparing my post for next week's tea party, I realized that it was going to be way too long so I decided to share part of it in this post to shorten my tea post up. 

This picture, by the way, is not from next week's party but from a post a few years ago.

Our family has a lot of birthdays in September. My grandson, my mother, my oldest son, and my daughter-in-law all celebrate a birthday this month.

The other day my niece held a birthday party for my mother at a family restaurant in town. 

She decorated the room and the table was set, awaiting our special guest. She even brought a tiara for my Mum to wear on her special day. 

The cake and one of Mum's great-grandsons

My mother, as well as the rest of us had a very nice time.

Happy 86th Birthday Mum!

Every August the Island hosts Old Home Week which is part of the Provincial Exhibition and folks come from all over to attend. 

There are many events to take in; Agricultural Livestock shows...., 




And many other events. It all climaxes on a Friday when the Gold Cup and Saucer parade takes place. The parade is followed by the Gold Cup and Saucer Race later that evening. 


Hubby and I didn't take in any of the exhibition but my niece entered her doilies into the PEI Women's Institute where hand made items are judged and awards are given. 

I know many of you ladies appreciate doilies, especially those hand made, so I thought I would share my niece's with you.

This year, my niece won first, second, and third place ribbons for her beautiful doilies. Aren't they something? 

First place was the holly and berries doily which is sporting the red ribbon, second was the lavender doily with the blue ribbon, and third place was the ecru doily which won the white ribbon. The ecru doily was very labour intensive. I actually like the green one best. Do you have a favourite?

My niece is self-taught, learning to crochet off the Internet. I really do admire her work because crochet is something I always wanted to do myself but never learned. 

Tomorrow we have a wedding to attend and next week is my son's birthday. It's a busy month! 

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and I'll see you on Monday for Tea Time. Until then, enjoy your cuppa and spread some joy around.

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi