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Monday 19 January 2015

A Ray of Sunshine for Tea Time

Life is like a teacup
       to be filled to the brim
and enjoyed with friends. ~ 

Hello sweet friends and welcome to Tea Time Tuesday! 

It is the nineteenth of January and we are in the middle of winter. This sweet lacy birdie bids you to come in and make yourself at home.

Some days are bright and cheery while other days are drab and dreary. 

It is a bright sunny day here on the Island but later today rain will move in accompanied by very high winds.

Some perky yellow tulips set the scene for our tea table in front of the window.  

I have brought out a buttery yellow teacup. It is accompanied by another cheerful teacup; a cup for you and a cup for me.

This one is Royal Albert in the Gainsborough shape called  Shaftesbury from the Festival collection. The bouquet of wildflowers is on both the front and back of the teacup as well as inside the cup and on the saucer. 

I love the little leaf design on the handle too.

Not only does this teacup bring a ray of sunshine but I am also breathing a sigh of relief...

On Christmas Day my mother started to come down with a bug of some sort. Vomiting followed for a week after which she went into a coma like state. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and finally regained consciousness a day later. 
All manner of tests were run on her but nothing showed up. The doctors were baffled. 
My mother acted like she had taken a stroke but there was no evidence of one. Her doctor told me that she would probably have to be placed into palliative care. Her speech was slurred and it was a couple of days before she could talk plainly. After a week, she had recovered so well that they sent her back to her Home. All they could come up with was that it was an infection which mimicked a stroke. It was a scary ordeal and my mother doesn't remember a thing.

She's happy to be back in her Home and I'm happy that all is well! I have seen prayers answered; thank you Lord!

My next teacup is an Aynsley. It is a beautiful shade of pink with golden leaves forming a wreath around the inside of the cup and on the saucer.

Beneath the teacup is my beautiful RA Serena plate which Bernideen sent me a while ago. I love how the colours go so well with both teacups!

A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter. ~ Mary Lou Heiss

So, here I sit enjoying my tea and I'm counting my blessings. I know we all have things we can be thankful for today.

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Next week I will be celebrating five years of Tea Time Tuesday parties and I am asking you all to share your most favourite teacup or teapot. Tell us why you love it so much. You may use this tea party button for your post if you wish.

Have a happy day everyone and I look forward to your share this week.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi